The second significant wind of the season might arrive this weekend, causing traveling disruptions.

On February 27, 2023, persons cross the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City during a surprise. In what would be the initial significant rain of the spring, portions of northwestern New York City may see up to five inches of snow by night. The Northeast does experience its first winter storm this trip, and it could be a significant one. ( Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images ) By Theresa Braine| [email protected] | New York Daily NewsPUBLISHED: January 1, 2024 at 11:12 p. m.
A wind that is forming over the Pacific is expected to cross the nation and hit the East Coast by Saturday into Sunday, disrupting go with a strong rain mix. Meteorologists are keeping an eye on it.
It’s also a wild card whether that turns out to be weather, frost, ice, or all three.
AccuWeather senior scientist Alan Reppert advised citizens to “keep on paying attention to the weather over the next day or two, get a better idea of what we’re expecting,” adding that “much of the program is also off the West Coast right now.”
On February 27, a wind swept through New York City, causing citizens to stroll down the street. ( Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images ) According to AccuWeather, this may be the first significant winter storm to hit some areas in a season, if not in years. The winter, frost, and weather could have an impact on millions of people along the I- 95 hall. Perhaps the winter floods in New York City and Philadelphia might come to an end.
The strength of a distinct surprise passing through the Southern U. S. may determine how much ice-cold heat is pulled down from New England or Canada. What that surprise does will largely depend on what happens before in the week.
According to National Weather Service meteorologist Bill Goodman,” I think a lot of what happens will depend on that first surprise we have on Thursday, as it passes to the south and west, and how much cold weather comes in afterwards.” ” That’s our problem for another wind coming in; it appears to be Saturday night into Sunday.” Particularly as you move north away from the ocean, the chances of winter appear to be better than something we’ve had this time so far.
There is still a chance of stormy weather even if the storm the following weekend brings some flakes.
Reppert stated that even if this a fails, there is still a chance for more snowfalls for the majority of the month. ” It appears that we will at least become a little warmer. We’re looking at temperature in the area that are much closer to our traditional average.

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