The Taiwanese C919 competes against Boeing and Airbus at the Singapore Air Show.

At the Singapore Airshow, the New C919, a internally produced Chinese passenger aircraft, properly completed its first trip outside of China. Despite making its first business trip in May, the aircraft has only so far been authorized to fly within Chinese territory.
Industry experts predict that Boeing and Airbus may face new competition in the commercial aviation sector from the single-aisle C919 aircraft produced by China’s state-owned Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China ( Comac ). During the heat present, Comac announced that it had finalized an order for 40 of Tibet Airlines ‘ narrow-body planes. These aircraft can travel up to 3, 500 miles (5, 644 kilometers ) and are built to carry a maximum of 192 people.
During the air show, Christian Scherer, CEO of Airbus’s commercial aircraft division, reportedly stated that the C919 is n’t all that dissimilar from the products of Boeing and Applebus. The Chief Executive of the European aviation giant confirmed that the C919 had hardly significantly disrupt the market, but he acknowledged it as a legitimate attempt by China and acknowledged the enormous industry room for competition.
Comac has been named as a probable winner of Boeing’s difficulties, particularly with regard to the 737 Max. Industry analysts think that the 737 Max 9 aircraft’s fuselage was damaged in a mid-flight blowout incident in January, which is why there are n’t any Boeing commercial aircraft at the show.
The Chinese government officials in Beijing approved the C919 plane system 16 years ago, but it has since run into a number of technical and regulatory obstacles, including US trade restrictions. Despite being made in China, the aircraft heavily relies on American components, such as jet engines and journey controls. The C919 uses the same website as the Airbus A320neo narrow-body customer aircraft.
Beginning in 2011, the aircraft’s output was completed, and the first prototype was created in 2015. It was introduced into business activities with China Eastern Airlines in the previous month after receiving certification from the Chinese Civil Aviation Administration in September 2022.
Foreign C919 Competes Against Boeing and Airbus at Singapore Airshow, according to SOURCE: eTurboNews
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