The Texas Department of Transportation issues a warning against traveling in “blizzard-like” situations.

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by: Keenan Caden

Posted: January 8, 2024, 11:47 AM CST

Update: January 8, 2024, 11:50 AM CST


AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT )- The Texas Department of Transportation’s Amarillo District issued a warning on Monday to motorists in the north area about the dangers of an impending severe winter weather program.
According to TxDOT, the territory experienced blizzard-like conditions on Monday due to a mixture of snow and strong gusts of up to 65 mph, making driving on the streets particularly risky. Community individuals” should only be out driving if it’s an emergency,” TxDOT advised.
How to travel safely in snow and ice while traveling in Texas
TxDOT advised owners to keep the following safety precautions in mind when traveling in solid winds:
Stay away from high-profile cars at all costs.
Keep both arms firmly planted on the steering wheel.
Look for powerlines, dust, or fallen/falling branches, and
Be cautious when crossing bridges and overpasses.
According to TxDOT officials,” Our repair part crews have been and will be patrolling the roads throughout this autumn wind system to keep them as safe as possible. These kinds of conditions bring with them low visibility, but please slow down and take your time or take over until conditions improve! Therefore, kindly keep an eye out for them and avoid crowding the tractor! We must all work together to make the streets safe.
You can find more details about the state of the highways around.
The current weather sensor and forecast for the Amarillo, Canyon, and High Plains regions are available here.

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With a Blizzard and High Wind Warning this month

More information can be found at KAMR-

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A Blizzard and High Wind Warning will be issued this year.

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