The Thai Cabinet has increased the length of time Japanese citizens can enter the country without needing to purchase a visa.

The Thai cabinet made the decision to expand the period of visa-free admittance for Japanese businessmen and businesswomen who are coming to the country on Tuesday. This action to offer visa-free entry to Japanese tourists is intended to promote investment by allowing easier travel for Japanese visitors. Deputy government spokesman Kharom Polpornklang has announced that Japanese visitors carrying out business trips will be exempt from having to acquire a visa. This exemption is expected to take effect on January 1 2024 and end on December 31 2026. At this moment, Japanese citizens who wish to travel are the only ones who can enter without a visa. Tourists can remain in Thailand for a period of up to 30 days. Kharom mentioned the visa waiver which intends to make it easier for Japanese business personnel to enter, given Japan’s significance as one of the top investors in Thailand and the third largest business partner of the country. This exemption aims to make it simpler for Japanese people to enter the country to have business conversations, complete contracts, and participate in other associated activities. The Thai Cabinet recently extended visa-free entry to Japanese travelers. This means Japanese travelers do not need a visa for stays in Thailand up to 15 days.

The Thai government has added a measure of leniency for Japanese tourists, in the form of an extension of visa-free entry, allowing them to remain in the country for up to 15 days without having to obtain a visa.