These Are The Best 3 Warmest Travel Destinations in the United States According To Kayak, Winter

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Next Updated 2 minutes ago It’s not always necessary to travel to a far-off location where flight costs alone may set you back thousands of dollars in the dead of winter.
There are plenty of beautiful sunny places to visit right here in the United States, despite the fact that temperatures are falling across the nation like never before. Kayak’s ranking of the” Major Hot Places to Visit in February” only confirmed this.
Three spectacular regional destinations were included in the checklist, which was created based on the company’s freely gathered data and was ideal for those looking to escape the winter blues without having to reserve a pricey international trip.
Florida’s Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, continues to be one of America’s favorite beachy destinations year-round with average February temperatures of 69°F ( 20.5°C ) and an impressive 12 hours of daylight.
The town has long drawn crowds due to its sun-drenched beaches and exhilarating atmosphere, but the Floridian hub’s reputation as a celebration hotspot more favored by spring breakers has always held it up in terms of its tourism success.
However, it appears that travelers are now re-discovering Fort Lauderdale as a well-rounded place that is suitable for almost every kind of tourist, from college students simply looking to have fun to families looking for some much-needed relaxation.
Fort Lauderdale, which is frequently referred to as the” Venice of America,” is home to a stunning waterway system that visitors may visit first by taking guided boat tours that cost$ 38 per adult.
Take the time to really lounge around the iconic Fort Lauderdale Beach, which is lined with palm trees and chic shops that make that mid-day snack feel like the escape you’ve been pining after for so long, if admiring the opinions of the golden-sanded beaches from a distance is n’t enough to shake off that chilly thinking.
In addition to its amazing sights, the city is home to an untold number of art galleries, museums, and theaters, making it the ideal destination for those of you who want to take in the underappreciated area culture after dark.
The final touch of timeless city charm is added to the overall experience on Las Olas Boulevard, which is lined with shops, art galleries, and upscale eateries.
Hawaii’s O’ahu
The 50th U.S. state, which is known for its crystal-clear waters, immaculate sands, and what many would consider to be the epitome of island culture, appears ( expectedly ) on yet another list of” Best Warm North American Destinations.”
This time, O’ahu, an island known for its other-worldly views and postcard-looking beaches, of which Waikiki is probably the most famous, is Hawaii’s happy representative.
O’ahu offers such a diverse range of scenery, from the white-sanded shores to the lush green rainforests and volcanic craters, that you’re bound to feel somewhat confused.
There will be a lot to do for those who do n’t want to spend the entire day admiring the picturesque views.
In the birth of modern searching, surfers may find waves, and those looking for some good ol’ rest can enjoy the warmth of the tropical sun.
You’ll have the opportunity to connect personally with the country’s storied history if you’re more of a past brown.
Here, you can explore the Polynesian Cultural Center, visit Pearl Harbor and honor the events of December 7, 1941, or take the ( very worthwhile ) trip to the breathtaking Byodo-In Temple.
Whatever is on your travel list, one thing is certain: the warm weather with temperatures that average 70°F ( 21°C ) throughout February is sure to make an already fantastic vacation even better.
Arizona’s Tucson,
Tucson, Arizona, offers the kind of mild climate and jaw-dropping views that most of us are looking for this winter, despite not being your typical beachy place.
However, given that rainfall is minimal to nonexistent and that you are not planning on swimming or sunbathing either way, that is pretty much perfect. The average daytime temperatures here tend to stay on the lower end of what you’d consider “warm,” ranging from 60 to 70°F ( 15- 21°C ).
Tucson is the ideal place to explore the shallow landscapes in February without having to endure the sweltering summer heat because of its place in the well-known Sonoran Desert.
The city’s area are the ideal park for exterior lovers, with stunning, exotic destinations like the Saguaro National Park and the Arizona- Sonora Desert Museum.
The Old Tucson Studios, the Tucson Museum of Art and Historic Block, and Mission San Xavier del Limit are just a few of Tucson’s many historical monuments that city tourists will have the time of their lives exploring.
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