These are the top 5 destinations for modern nomads. Currently, according to travellers

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The World Tourism Organization reported that more than half of all nations are offering Digital Nomad Visas. Last Updated 11 minutes agoDigital nomadism is at a new top of popularity in 2024, with the majority of sites not merely lifting entry limits for remote employees but also easing migration paths.
Whether you’re taking a year off or sticking with it permanently, it’s never been simpler to travel the world and get location-independent. However, where exactly are nomads most eager to relocate, and which locations meet their needs?
We know where travelers are congregating thanks to Nomad List, the top website for digital nomads online, and they ca n’t seem to get enough of these five gems in particular:
Mexico City, Mexico
Coming in at number five, Mexico’s towering regional capital is a famous historical melting pot with vibrant cultural neighborhoods, lively street markets, lush parks, and some of the best examples of traditional architecture to be found there.
Nomads adore CDMX for its affordability—according to previous guests, it costs on average$ 1, 962 per month to live there—as well as the selection of work-friendly locations it provides, from the wide range of colorful cafes to well-equipped working spaces.
Another significant benefit for foreigners partially relocating to Mexico City is its safety, which is fairly safe in comparison to general Latin American security standards. It is also relatively warm year-round, with winter temperatures often dropping below 70°F.
Colombia’s Medellin
Medellin is ranked fourth on Nomad List’s popularity ranking for South America, so we ca n’t say we’re surprised given the low cost of living, the thriving expat community that now calls the Colombian hub home, and its vibrant, youthful scene.
The second-largest urban concentration in the nation, Medellin is renowned for its contemporary skyline, bustling nightlife areas, rich Antioquian diet, which combines elements of local Andean and Iberian ( Spanish ) cuisine, and nearby coffee plantations.
With nomads spending an average of$ 1, 584 per month to live in Medellin, it is also one of the world’s least expensive digital tourist destinations. The only significant drawback is how dangerous it has become recently, with an increase in drug smuggling and violent crime.
Argentina’s Buenos Aires
Elegant Buenos Aires, a South American favorite, now ranks third on Nomad List. It is best known for being the birth of dance, the city’s Belle Epoque, which was inspired by Europe, and its unmatched culinary scene.
You’ll become enamored with the Paris of the South whether you’re based in Recoleta, the laid-back, upper-class neighborhood dotted with luxurious institutions, or Palermo, a hippy stronghold and the go-to location for trying some of BA’s award-winning restaurants.
Fortunately for culture-obsessed nomads, Buenos Aires is significantly less expensive than its French equivalent, with tourists reporting spending a median of$ 1, 635 per month there because of the city’s affordable food and reasonable Airbnb rates.
Additionally, it is the International South’s safest funds.
Thailand’s Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai, Thailand’s second-largest and moated walled negotiation with old temples and UNESCO World Heritage Site status, is once again demonstrating that it is a formidable contender for the global digital nomad capital.
It is incredibly safe, and there are n’t many reported crimes. You could never really run out of dining options there, especially if you’re staying in the historic Old Town. It has a wide selection of long-term rent, including youth hostels, guest houses, and private villas.
There are approximately 40, 000 immigrants from tens of countries who have established bases in the Thai capital, according to the most recent data compiled by the local publishing One Stop Chiang Mai. We suspect that the fact that it costs$ 1, 026 per month to live that may help to explain the popularity increase.
Thailand’s Bangkok
Thailand’s Bangkok is officially the most well-liked, or top-rated, destination on the Nomad List when it comes to digital nomad preferences, scoring “great” in almost all pertinent subcategories, including” Community score,”” Cost,” ‘ Internet’,” Fun,” and” Lack of crime.”
Bangkok is an incredibly exciting place to be if the constant humdrum of a large city does n’t faze you and you can get used to the excessive humidity. Similar to New York, it never sleeps and its cultural wealth is comparable to that of many European capitals, but it is safer and more affordable.
Pickpocketing is remarkable in Bangkok, assault cases are mathematically unimportant, and the median monthly income needed to live in Thailand’s top city makes it an even more alluring option to the overpriced, dangerous Western World.
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