These Three Towns Close to Cancun Are Increasing In Popularity Winter of this year

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Three Mexican towns have seen a meteoric rise in popularity this spring, whether by boat, train, or plane, as of last update 16 minutes ago.
Of course, Cancun is Mexico’s preferred seaside destination for Americans, but there are three nearby Pueblo magicos that are all worthwhile visits.
Although this area of Mexico is also good to completely go up, the crowds in Cancun occasionally do n’t move the vibe test for some tourists.
Guests must check out Cozumel, Bacalar, and Tulum whether Cancun is your foundation or gateway into this lovely southern region.
As we approach 2024, this group of secret towns will just continue to rise in popularity as tourist destinations.
The Cozumel Island
The stunning island of Cozumel is conveniently located just off the beach of another popular tourist destination, Playa del Carmen.
Some people view it as only a speck in their travel plans to Mexico because it is the most well-liked cruise port in the area. Cozumel is much more deserving than just a place to” stop and go.”
Perhaps Cozumel will be the next best thing if Cancun’s crowds are n’t your thing. There are simply fewer to choose from on this stunning island, which is home to beautiful all-inclusive resorts.
Cozumel will almost certainly have fewer audiences to appreciate more elbow room because Cancun is the most common global travel destination for Americans.
You can observe the azure waters, remarkable beaches, and lush green forests as a more private place because Cozumel is n’t as developed as Cancun’s jam-packed tourist zone.
The town of Bacalar, which is heavenly
Visitors to Mexico anticipate seeing pristine beaches that overlook the great lake, but what about visiting a river?
Although Lake Bacalar is a hike from Cancun, the 4 to 5 hour trip is well worth it for the ethereal blue waters. The fresh Maya Train, however, did undoubtedly speed up your journey.
Travelers have completely forgotten about the Mexican Caribbean and are content with this picture-perfect pond, which has caused a surge in popularity in this remote little town.
In fact, it is so flawless that throughout the evening, the lakes change shades of blue, earning it the name Lagoon of the Seven Colors.
The city is small, but it has a lot to retain people occupied. It goes without saying that you’ll want to spent the majority of your time in and around the ocean, where you can go snorkeling, swimming, taking a boat tour, or just relax in the tent.
It’s simple to understand why this breathtaking region is referred to as the” Island of Mexico.” Numerous temples to enjoy a good swim in various picturesque locations are tucked away along the same mesmerizing body of water.
Additionally, the city itself is accessible and has nearby restaurants and shops for you to check out when you need a tear.
Mexico’s most popular travel destination is Tulum.
Where should I yet begin with Tulum? This stunninggetaway a few hours north of Cancun is arguably the most changed place to visit in 2024.
As the new international airport is now available and new planes from the U.S. start to arrive in the springtime, flying into Cancun will soon no longer be necessary to reach Tulum.
Additionally, visitors will be able to board the eagerly anticipated Maya Teach to travel to Tulum as well. You wo n’t regret being here, no matter how you arrive.
With its expansion and rise in popularity, this secret town is starting to feel more like a magic city. Guests have been packing in for more natural attractions, such as Playa Paraiso Beach and the Cristal and Escondido temples, as they are already at home to a thriving art scene.
Others endeavor into the forest to view the restored ruins of ancient Mayan structures. Tulum has evolved into an eco-tourism gateway where visitors see this as a safe haven to concentrate on conservation as well as their personal health and wellness. This is in addition to the stunning coastlines of well-known beaches.
While green locations like the UNESCO-protected Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve and the recently opened Jaguar Park are best eco-driven destinations, yoga retreats have become more and more well-liked.
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