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Mexico has managed to re-establish itself as one of the country’s top tourist destinations, with many of its states and cities breaking all-time user data at a time when most nations are struggling on their way to commerce treatment.
However, this new year has highlighted one of the state’s most notable hospitality accomplishments to date.
Quintana Roo, which is home to some of the most idyllic places in the area ( Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and more ), welcomed a remarkable 21 million visitors in 2023, creating an all-new standard for years to come.
The record wo n’t last much longer, if what we’re seeing is any indication.
Some Of Mexico’s Most Coveted Hotspots Are Found In Quintana Roo.
The variety of classic locations brought together by the confines of Quintana Roo is really unmatched, despite the fact that Mexico is brimming with world-class hotspots, each of which exudes a distinct type of attraction.
The state really has something to offer for every kind of traveler, from the classic beauty of Cancun to the old beauty of Tulum, the paradisiacal views of Playa del Carmen, and the laid-back atmosphere of Cozumel.
The truth is that Quintana Roo’s allure does n’t require an explanation, despite the fact that I could go on describing the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, the picture-perfect sunsets, fascinating Mayan ruins, and the special blend between the charm of small seaside towns and upscale resorts.
Cancun is without a doubt the answer. You’ve probably had the opportunity to experience the country’s beauty personally or are planning to do so soon. One hub among American travelers and nearly every other area mentioned above has broken some sort of history in the past year.
Quintana Roo will undoubtedly live up to perhaps your biggest expectations, whether you intend to visit one of these renowned hubs or a lesser-known stone like Isla Holbox or Bacalar.
Always Have Something New To Discover
Quintana Roo’s devotion to eternal technology, ensuring that there is always something new to see or do for first-time visitors and repeat visitors everywhere, is one of the main factors behind its enduring hospitality success.
When on places like Cancun or Tulum, there is always a new resort or hotel just around the corner, which will delight those who are eager to learn about new lodging experience while traveling.
For instance, Hilton recently expanded its network of high-end resorts in Mexico, and three of these fresh locations were dispersed throughout Quintana Roo’s most popular areas.
Similar to this, Isla Mujeres, a charming little island close to Cancun, just saw the opening of three beautiful resorts that offer the same idyllic views without the commotion.
Additionally, Cancun saw the beginning of 12 new resorts, making it even simpler for visitors to find lodging that is instantly tailored to their needs, resources, and location preferences.
In Quintana Roo, connoisseurs will also have the time of their lives.
In contrast to Tulum, where more than ten new franchises are scheduled to open this early January, the Grand Fiesta Americana in Cancun lately added three new eateries to its all-inclusive network.
The recently opened Jaguar National Park in Tulum and the Luchatitlán style area in Cancun promise an incredible experience if you’re looking for a more distinctive winter destination.
A Haven With Many Connections
Quintana Roo’s state-of-the-art railway system, present airports, and, as of late, a well-developed transportation infrastructure, serves as the foundation of its ever-lasting tourism success.
The Much-Awaited Maya Station
Guests will be able to observe Mexico at a level of comfort and safety that was previously thought to be possible thanks to the renowned Maya Train, which is scheduled to launch in the first few months of 2024.
Many of Quintana Roo’s most well-known hotspots will be connected by the impressive 966 miles ( 1, 554 kilometers ) rail network, which will also provide easy access for tourists to the rest of the nation.
A Brand-New Airport
A new aerospace service just built in Tulum is bound to render getting in, out, and around the region that much easier, even though the significance of big Hispanic hubs like the Cancun International Airport has already been established.
Many well-known carriers, including Spirit, American, and Delta, have stated that they intend to visit the eagerly anticipated Tulum aircraft in the spring of 2024.
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