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Digital nomads may have different preferences for where to build their base, but many who follow the extremely popular traveling trend would agree that budgeting is a major priority somewhere. Next Updated 6 mins ago
The flexible, on-the-go way of life has virtually changed the context of the labor worldwide.
There has been an influx of remote workers in many nations around the world, whether it be their own people or customers.
Some people decide to spend their time in a variety of interesting, historical, and reasonably priced places because they know they can keep active and pay the bills on time.
Europe is frequently a great choice, but not every town delivers. You might not be aware of it, but one of the most affordable places on Earth is ideal for online nomad.
The wonderful lesser-known town of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina is tucked away off the beaten path and nestled between picturesque mountains.
And with all due respect to Herzegovina, we’ll just stick with” Bosnia” moving forward.
In the Balkans, A Hidden Gemstone
The Balkan are a beautiful area of Europe that is still being peeled back by daring tourists, often overshadowed by well-known names like Paris, Rome, and Barcelona.
Tuzla may be Exhibit A because other cities in its own country, like the investment Sarajevo, the picturesque river town of Mostar, and the opulent town of Banja Luka, dwarf it.
Tuzla, the third-largest area in Bosnia, may astound visitors with what it has to sell during a visit and even more so during an extended stay.
This city of just over 100,000 residents is n’t just a draw for its extreme affordability; it also has outdoor wonders, charming streets, lively bars, and historic eye-popping architecture.
Tuzla’s Drawbacks
The group of man-made lake known as Pannonica, Modrac, and Bistarac is one of Tuzla’s most popular tourist destinations.
It’s a great way to spend sunny days swimming in crystal-clear waters or getting some sun on multiple beaches, even though it is n’t the Maldives or Cancun.
The other two are wonderful adventures for shore hotels and restaurants, while Pannonica is the biggest and tends to be the most famous for taking a dip or relaxing in the sun.
The city’s center, Old Town, is charming throughout its winding roads and vibrant structures.
This area could be referred to as” touristy,” but it’s also ideal for bar-hopping, lovely cafes, and simply getting a sense of the city.
Since the city is mostly Muslim, it would be impossible to miss out on the lovely mosques as you stroll through the streets. However, for those who are curious about the religious history of the area, there is also the historical Serb Orthodox Cathedral and even a monastery.
Savings That Will Jaw-drop For DigitalNomads
Bosnia is n’t particularly popular with tourists when compared to their European counterparts, but that does not preclude it from being worth a trip.
Looking into Bosnia’s gruesome past is worth a Google search to learn more about what this nation has gone through over the years, even if it does n’t involve lecturing on history.
Bosnia has emerged on the other side, and it is unquestionably one of today’s lesser-known stones in Europe. Tuzla might not even come close to having any kind of brand recognition, but the pricing issue will undoubtedly attract more tourists, particularly online nomad.
Tuzla is one of the most economical places on the planet to unquestionably support the lifestyle because there will be millions upon millions of modern nomad in 2024.
Frankly, it does n’t seem possible anywhere in Europe to have a monthly rent this low. Digital nomads can stay in Bosnia for an extended period of time with monthly rents starting at$ 225 for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center and even less for the suburbs.
With average water and electric bills of about$ 168, utilities wo n’t break the bank either. Additionally, according to our own research, cozy, centrally located Airbnbs, including wifi and basic necessities, can cost as little as$ 463 per month.
Savings in Tuzla are on the extreme end of the price range because many digital nomads are delighted to find exclusive locations with monthly costs under$ 1,000.
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