Thousands rally in Spain’s Coral Islands over large hospitality

By Borja Suarez, Reuters Tenerife people want the authorities to partially control tourist visitors. In Tenerife on Saturday, a large crowd staged a protest calling for the island’s temporary ban on tourists to stop the country’s growing trend of short-term rentals and hotel structure, which is causing citizens ‘ housing costs to rise. Demonstrators urged changes to be made to the tourism sector, which accounts for 35 % of the Canary Islands ‘ gross domestic product ( GDP ), while holding signs stating” People live here” and” We do n’t want to see our island die.” ” It’s not a message against the tourist, but against a tourism model that does n’t benefit this land and needs to be changed,” one of the protesters told Reuters during the march in Tenerife’s capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. In addition to the beach party and other Spanish towns, smaller rallies were held all over the beach party and in smaller ones, all of which were organized by environmental organizations prior to the peak summer vacation season. The organizations urge local officials to temporarily stifle visitor numbers in order to relieve pressure on the islands ‘ environment, infrastructure, and housing stock, as well as to halt foreigners ‘ purchases of property. The government has put an end to this dishonest and dangerous type, which reduces resources and makes the economy more fragile, right away. The Coral Islands have restrictions and women’s patience to,” Antonio Bullon, one of the opposition leaders, told Reuters. The two-archipelago Almost 14 million international tourists visited 2 million persons in 2023, up 13 percent from the previous year, according to official statistics. Specialists on the islands are concerned about the effects on the visitors. Following complaints from people who have been priced out of the housing industry, a draft law that is anticipated to complete this year tightens the restrictions on little lets. President of the Canary Islands, Fernando Clavijo, stated on Friday that he was proud that the area was a popular Hispanic tourist destination, but that more controls were required as the industry grew. ” We ca n’t keep looking away. Often, hotels will continue to start without any power,” he told a media event. – News