TMU Management evolves to safeguard the travel value chain

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Travel insurance provider Trust My Group has announced the evolution of its TMU Management business into an independent entity, in a strategic move to unlock the full potential of its diverse portfolio. 

As part of the transformation, former group COO Sami Doyle has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of TMU Management. Trust My Group co-founders Will Plummer and Matt Bush will remain in their posts as CEO and CTO of the group and will focus their efforts on the group’s growth, alongside the launch of a new business unit later this year. Meanwhile, Karen King takes the helm as General Manager for Trust My Travel, which has recently launched its new Package Travel Protection model.

Founded in 2022, TMU Management is a data-driven insurance intermediary that uses proprietary technology to facilitate modernised credit-risk insurance products and safeguard the travel value chain.

Sami Doyle

Sami Doyle, CEO of TMU Management, said: “In just one year, TMU Management has grown from an idea to a thriving, independent business. During this process, we have benefitted greatly from the unwavering support and expertise of the wider Trust My Group, which has been invaluable in launching the brand and setting us on a path for steady growth.

“As we embark on this new chapter, we are poised to amplify our commitment to offering customisable, end-to-end risk management and mitigation solutions to the travel industry and wider industries. I look forward to driving TMU Management towards specialised growth, fostering innovation, and building enduring relationships with our valued clients and partners alike.”

TMU Management harnesses real-time data, advanced analytics, and other mitigation tools already used in specific sectors to facilitate insurance products that have longevity through the perceived ‘boom-and-bust’ cycles, and which align with their customers’ needs.

The company seeks to disrupt the recurring pattern whereby insurance providers tend to only service industries such as travel during times of growth, and neglect them during downturns.

With its constantly evolving reporting capabilities, TMU Management is able to provide insurers with accurate insights into individual business, irrespective of the macro environment, and offer bespoke products that provide comfort to these insurers.

At the core of the innovative approach is TMU’s proprietary technology, designed to directly integrate with policyholders and insurance markets to ensure traditional insurance practices can be replaced with accurate, data-driven risk decision-making.




The post TMU Management evolves to safeguard the travel value chain appeared first on Brand TD.