Top 5 most popular cruise lines in America 

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Cruise holidays have become more popular in the last decade due to being a more cost-effective and convenient way of visiting multiple destinations. 

Cruise expert Jenni Fielding, at Cruise Mummy has compiled a list of 503 search terms, including 67 cruise lines, and then used Google Keyword Planner to identify which cruise companies are the most popular in the U.S,

Royal Caribbean has topped the list with 868.77 average monthly searches per 100,000. Founded in Norway in 1968, Royal Caribbean is the largest cruise line by revenue, and the line utilizes its own private island, CocoCay, in the Bahamas on some of its itineraries. Royal Caribbean offers departures from many European and North American ports such as Southampton and Miami, alongside departures from Australia and Dubai.

In second is Carnival Cruises, with an average monthly search volume of 669.77 per 100,000 residents. Carnival’s beverage package costs $59.95 per person per day, and an additional service charge of 18% is added to this. Carnival also offers transatlantic and transpacific cruises alongside ports across the globe.

Third place goes to Disney Cruises, with an average of 301.18 monthly searches per 100,000. With ports in locations such as Hawaii and Texas, Disney Cruise Line has a large selection of destinations, with many holidays taking 4-6 days.














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Coming in at fourth is Norwegian Cruise Line, with an average of 240.43 monthly searches per 100,000. NCL has a selection of destinations, including Africa, Asia, and Europe, and offers additional on-board activities, including go-karting and laser tag.

Ranking fifth is Princess Cruises, with an average of 177.01 monthly searches per 100,000. Princess Cruises have a wide variety of activities on board including enrichment shows due to their partnership with Discovery.

On many cruise holidays, drinks packages will cost extra and are offered in tiers including soft drinks, alcoholic packages, and premium. There are still places on board where these packages aren’t included, however, and many U.S. based cruise lines have an additional service charge which is calculated per person or per room. Internet packages are also available, although connections aren’t as good as those on land due to being in the middle of the ocean.

Cruises also have plenty of entertainment options and these differ between the family-friendly ships and the adult-only ships. Those that allow children on board also have a daycare option so that parents can have some time to themselves.

Something rarely thought of on a family holiday is a dress code, but on cruise ships, this is an expectation. Most ships will have formal nights of some kind, and just how formal depends on the line. Carnival have their ‘white night’ occasions while other lines state that black tie nights are for tuxedos and ball gowns. Some formal nights take it back a notch to plain shirt and dress trousers. All these, however, can be avoided if the passenger wishes to. Dress codes apply to most clubs, bars and restaurants on the ship in the evening but there are areas for more casual wear.

Jenni Fielding, cruise expert at Cruise Mummy commented on the findings:  “It wasn’t until the 1960’s that cruise lines started to put an emphasis on the entertainment aspect and today a cruise ship is a hotel, cinema, theater and holiday resort all in one.

“Cruising is still seen as more luxurious than flying to a hotel, and depending on factors like the cruise line, itinerary, and cabin, cruising is cheaper than most package holidays. The average price of a seven-night cruise can be around $1,700 per person.

“Due to the increase in single people traveling alone, however, many lines now have a limited selection of single berths, which even include balcony cabins. “Companies are now looking to make cruising more environmentally friendly and accessible to more passengers. Ships are getting bigger and though some ports are restricting access, cruises are still a popular choice for those who want a luxury experience.”




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