Top 50 Restaurants on DoorDash

New 2022 All-Star list recognizes Most Loved Canada restaurants on DoorDash who are customer favourites and consistently make sure orders are right, on-time, and delicious 

First-annual list comes in tandem with new in-app features designed to make decision-making easier for customers and inspire the exploration of top-rated eats in their neighbourhood

A great DoorDash experience is not just about the food that’s delivered; it’s also about how it arrives, how long it took to get there, and much more. Today, DoorDash Canada unveiled its first annual awards list honouring the top 50 Most Loved All-Star Restaurants in Canada for 2022. The restaurant partners on this list are not only good at their craft, they’re also reliable, top-rated by consumers, and exceptional at operations — fewer than 1% of restaurants on DoorDash qualified. From the corner poke shop to the BBQ chicken joint that defines the neighbourhood, DoorDash’s 2022 Most Loved All Stars list celebrates the local restaurants that go above and beyond for their customers’ online orders, time and time again.

DoorDash’s goal is to set restaurant partners up for success and growth, and Most Loved is all about recognizing and rewarding the top-rated, most reliable restaurants. Between the food, the service, and the overall experience, creating a top-notch customer experience is no small feat — the Most Loved program was designed to reward restaurants that excel in all of these areas. These are DoorDash’s top-rated, most reliable restaurants, where customers can rest assured that their order will be right and delivered fresh.

“Being Most Loved is not just about serving good food, it’s also about being dependable and delivering a great experience to the end customer,” said Shilpa Arora, General Manager, DoorDash Canada. “These are the restaurants in our local communities that deliver a great meal and always go that extra mile. It’s our honour to celebrate these amazing partners that make DoorDash great and the experience for our shared customers top-notch.” 

Without further ado, in alphabetical order, the 50 Most Loved All Stars on DoorDash in Canada for 2022 are as follows:

Within the DoorDash app, nominated restaurants will have a special “Most Loved All-Stars” badge and can also be found on a dedicated homepage carousel. Restaurants interested in learning more about the Most Loved program can go here.

The first-annual Most Loved All-Star list comes in tandem with new in-app features designed to make decision-making easier for customers and inspire the exploration of top-rated eats in their neighborhood. Through lists and features including Most Liked Items and written reviews, DoorDash is helping consumers pick their next meal with confidence and ease — and discover all the best of their city.

List Methodology
The Most Loved All Stars list was generated by analyzing data from April 2021 to April 2022. All restaurants who achieved Most Loved status for at least ten months qualified for All Star in-app promotion and relevant local lists. Those merchants with 5 stores or less who had achieved Most Loved status were ranked by most months qualified then average overall customer rating, with the top 50 being named to the list.

About DoorDash
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