Travel advice is issued by ACLU- NM as a result of Texas emigration law

Written by: Jordan Honeycutt and Annalisa Pardo. Published: December 19, 2023 / 09:38 PM Mountain Standard Time. Revised: Dec 19, 2023 / 43:21 PM MST. Distribute. The local ACLU in New Mexico has issued a travel advisory in response to a new immigration law in Texas. The New Mexico chapter has released a warning for New Mexicans who are planning to travel to Texas, stating that although the new law will be implemented in March, it would be prudent to start preparations now. Leonardo Castaneda, ACLU-NM Border/Immigration Policy Advocate, warned of the significant threat of racial profiling associated with this enforcement, questioning the ability of local police to accurately identify individuals who have just entered the country unlawfully. He spoke in reference to a new law in Texas that could potentially alter the state’s control over the US border. It is reported that numerous New Mexicans visit Texas for reasons such as family or healthcare, and they should be aware of their rights and prepare their immigration documents in case of necessity. Claiming that this is some kind of border resolution when it clearly isn’t.