Travelers would pay more for sustainable lodging

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As more hotels and travel companies highlight their commitment to sustainable operations, a new survey commissioned by FloWater confirms that this is what the travel consumer wants, and they will pay more for it. The FloWater survey of more than 500 travelers revealed:

— Nearly 6 in 10 travelers are more likely to choose sustainable lodging.
— More than 1 in 3 travelers would pay $25 more per night for lodging with sustainable amenities.

The FloWater survey polled travelers with annual incomes above $100k. Respondents’ ages ranged from 18-60 years old, with the majority of respondents (68%) falling between 30 and 44 years old and over 60.

Survey results also showed that over half of these travel consumers consider sustainability important when making a purchase decision and 60% would rather spend their money at a business that used best practices for sustainability.

The attitudes and expectations of travelers have changed dramatically in the last ten years, and travelers are now prioritizing best sustainable practices as much as they are scenic ocean views when making their vacation plans. A decade ago, hotels would compete for guests by advertising their high-thread-count sheets, personalized service or access to private white sand beaches. Today, however, these same hotels and travel companies are just as likely to highlight their commitment to eliminating single-use plastics, the use of renewable energy sources and sustainable seafoods in their restaurants as they are their champagne brunch.

Drinking water is a key sustainability differentiator for many hotel guests. While bottled water was once a sign of luxury, increasingly travelers are looking to reduce plastic waste and are bringing their own reusable water bottles with an expectation that they’ll have easy access to filtered water sources to refill them. That’s why The Ritz-Carlton Bacara resort in Santa Barbara has added multiple FloWater Water Refill Stations throughout their property as part of a comprehensive sustainability strategy.

“Our guests are keenly aware of sustainability and wellness lifestyles, and more and more of them are arriving with their refillable water bottles in hand, expecting that we will have a plastic-free option for hydration,” says Steve Janicek, General Manager at the Ritz-Carlton Bacara. “FloWater is a popular brand of water and with its advanced purification, alkalization added electrolytes and great taste; it fits right in with our premium guest experience.”

More than 1,000 hotels, from moderately priced boutique hotels to luxury, have installed FloWater Refill Stations in their lobbies, at their pools and spas and in their guestroom hallways. Other prominent brands partnering with FloWater to deliver a premium, plastic-free drinking water experience for their guests include Marriott, Four Seasons, the Beverly Hills Hilton, the world renowned Miraval Spa Resort in Tucson, the Greystone Hotel Properties in San Francisco, and the Terranea resort in southern California.

“In years past, a hotel’s policy on sustainability was either optional or irrelevant to most travelers,” says FloWater CEO and Co-Founder, Rich Razgaitis. “But today, a growing consumer consciousness on the importance of environmental issues makes creating an actionable and well-executed sustainability policy a requirement for any travel-related businesses.”

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