Trendiest cities to visit this year

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With travel restrictions easing all over the world, it’s becoming easier to explore the world and check out what some of the coolest cities around the globe have to offer.

From the bustling nightlife of vibrant metropolises like Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro to the spectacular cuisine and stylish interiors of the cafes and restaurants of Paris and New York, each city offers something authentic and unique.

But which is the trendiest city in the world? Industry experts have looked into their popularity on social media, the number of people wanting to move there, the number of yoga studios and the local food and drink scene to crown the coolest city for young people to visit in 2022.

The 10 Trendiest Cities in the World 

RankCityTikTok Views (million)Instagram Posts (million)Google searchesPeople Under 15 (%)Vegan RestaurantsBreweriesIndpt. Coffee Shops Yoga Studios Trend Score /101London30.5m156.5m34,50017.9%45.10.440.11.98.132Chicago15.3m53.7m19,50018.3%18.50.721.49.07.563New York 22.4m119.9m51,20018.3% m34.8m17,10015.6%74.20.859.42.76.655Los Angeles1.6m79.3m19,10018.3%,71017.9%118.91.1107.62.96.257Dublin2.8m13.5m4,97020.2%44.60.645.72.16.148Sydney9.5m35.3m6,33018.6%,24013.7%,70015.9%13.70.817.63.65.57

The most viewed city on TikTok…


Coming first as the most viewed city on TikTok is London with over 30 billion views on the platform. The city is teeming with creative energy, and aspiring creators are eager to make their mark on London’s rich cultural landscape through social media so it’s no surprise it’s the most popular city for TikTok.

30.5 billion TikTok views

The most picturesque city…


London takes the top spot as the most photogenic city in the index, just over 20 million posts ahead of Paris in second place. The city is overflowing with beautiful historic landmarks and stunning landscapes as well as cutting-edge architecture, interior design and street art, making it the perfect backdrop for your holiday snaps.

156.5 billion Instagram posts

The most in-demand city…


Singapore ranks as the city with the most desired city to move to. The city boasts the highest quality of life in Asia, thanks to a great work-life balance. Singapore is also a multicultural Mecca teeming with art and culture. The city is perfect if you want to immerse yourself at the forefront of culture in Asia, as it’s packed with art galleries and cutting-edge architecture.

96.000 Annual searches

The youngest city…

Mexico City

One of the fastest-growing cities in our index, Mexico City has the highest proportion of young people at just over a quarter of its population. Thanks to its youthful population, the city is at the forefront of culture with a thriving contemporary art scene and some of the most vibrant nightlife in the world.

25.8% Of people under 15

The best city for vegan restaurants…


If you’re looking for vegan options, the Scottish capital is the best city in our index with nearly 120 for every 100,000 people. Edinburgh is home to some of the most exciting vegan restaurants in the UK and boasts cutting-edge plant-based cuisine that would please even the most discerning palates.

118.9 Per 100,000people

The best city for breweries…


Edinburgh also comes top for breweries per 100,000 people, making it the perfect destination for craft beer lovers. The city hosts several beer festivals throughout the year and is home to numerous brewery taprooms, so you’ll never miss an opportunity to sample some of the most exciting and experimental beers from Edinburgh and beyond.

1.1 Per 100,000people

The best city for independent coffee shops…


Taking the top spot for independent coffee shops per 100,000 people, Edinburgh is the ideal destination for coffee aficionados. The city is home to hundreds of artisan coffee houses offering cozy atmospheres, exciting brunch options and of course some of the best coffee in the UK.

107.6 Per 100,000people

The best city for yoga studios…


Yoga has skyrocketed in popularity over recent years, with many people discovering its benefits as a tool to reduce stress. So, if you’re looking to relax and unwind during your trip, Chicago is the perfect destination with the city’s fitness scene offering the highest proportion of yoga studios in our index.

9.0 Per 100,000people

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