TUI Airline IT Operation Partnership with IBS Software

TUI Group (TUI) has expanded its long-standing collaboration with IBS Software to enhance its Airline IT operations platform. This extension enables TUI to revolutionize its current business strategies, improve scalability, expedite time to market, and ultimately enhance the customer experience.

TUI, a global travel industry leader, has partnered with IBS Software, a top SaaS solutions provider. This collaboration aims to revolutionize TUI’s IT processes and deliver significant value. IBS Software is responsible for managing over 35 airline backend systems at TUI, encompassing both legacy and modern technologies.

IBS Software will maintain and improve TUI’s Integrated Disposition Planning and Statistics product (IDPS).

IDPS manages various aspects of flight operations, crew management, maintenance planning, HR, and reporting for TUI’s airlines.

TUI considers IDPS a key element in its goal of building a virtual airline and ensuring long-term growth by achieving economies of scale.

SOURCE: TUI Airline IT Operation Partnership with IBS Software