Turkey’s Pegasus Airlines Moves to Silicon Valley

Pegasus Airlines initiated its digital transformation initiative, known as Your Digital Airline, in 2018. To ensure the sustainable progress of its digitalization journey, the airline is now making a significant advancement in the technology domain. By establishing a Technology Innovation Lab in Silicon Valley, USA, Pegasus Airlines is actively engaging in this project. The purpose of this lab is to directly observe and evaluate the latest technological advancements on a global scale. Through this strategic move, the company aims to enhance its global competitiveness and reinforce its dedication to technological innovation.

Güliz Öztürk, CEO of Pegasus Airlines, said in a statement: “Our investments in technology stand out as one of the key elements that set us apart. Since launching our digital transformation in 2018, we have been making significant investments. In line with our vision to become ‘Your Digital Airline’, we launch many initiatives to make the travel experience of our guests and the work experience for our employees easier, faster, and more efficient. And now, we are getting ready to take an exciting new step to further the sustainable development of this digitalisation journey.”

Öztürk continued: “We’ve made the decision to establish a Technology Innovation Lab, operating right in the heart of Silicon Valley. This lab will enable us to monitor and assess on site the latest technological advancements worldwide. We will continue to enhance and add value to our processes and our guests’ experiences by experimenting with different technologies. This big move will further increase our company’s global competitiveness.”

Barış Fındık, Chief Information Officer at Pegasus Airlines, emphasized Pegasus’ commitment to providing the best digital experience for its guests and achieving the most efficient operational management in the aviation sector: “At Pegasus, we are determined to become one of the world’s most technologically advanced airlines. In pursuit of this, we are taking significant strides to evaluate collaboration opportunities with start-ups, universities, and other players in the field of technology and aviation. By keeping pace with the latest technological advancements in Silicon Valley, we aim to reinforce our goal of being influential not only within a local, but also a global, framework. Our focus will be on artificial intelligence, mobile capabilities, self-service, and other cutting-edge technologies that we believe will directly enhance our business.”

SOURCE: Turkey’s Pegasus Airlines Moves to Silicon Valley