Turkish Airlines to Become the Largest A350 Operator

Turkish Airlines, with a fleet of approximately 435 planes and 100 more on order, is expected to make a significant announcement regarding an order from Airbus for 345 planes (reported as 355 when including previously announced purchases of 10 Airbus A350-900s).

Turkish Airlines, a member of the Star Alliance and a partner of United Airlines, is over 49% government-owned and functions as the national carrier. It operates extensively, serving more countries than any other airline. Despite having a mixed fleet of Boeing and Airbus planes with additional orders, the Airlines is leaning towards Airbus for the future. It is poised to become the largest operator of A350 aircraft, particularly for long-haul flights.

Turkish Airlines’ anticipated order from Airbus is projected to include 250 Airbus A321neo, 75 Airbus A350-900, 15 A350-1000, and 5 A350F freighters.

The forthcoming aircraft order from Turkish Airlines is expected to be revealed during the Dubai Air Show, commencing this week, and there are indications that it might be officially announced as early as Monday.

Turkish Airlines’ Strategic Investment

The substantial aircraft order by Turkish Airlines, encompassing 250 Airbus A321neo, 75 Airbus A350-900, 15 A350-1000, and 5 A350F freighters, represents a transformative move for the airline.

This strategic investment not only facilitates a significant expansion of its fleet but also underscores a commitment to modernization, with a focus on fuel-efficient and advanced technology aircraft. By becoming a major operator of A350s for long-haul routes, Turkish Airlines positions itself at the forefront of international air travel.

The inclusion of A350F freighters signals a strategic emphasis on cargo operations, potentially enhancing the airline’s competitiveness in the air cargo market. This order solidifies the airline’s partnership with Airbus, reflects a commitment to competitiveness and sustainability, and underscores the intertwined influence of the airline with national interests as a government-owned entity.

SOURCE: Turkish Airlines to Become the Largest A350 Operator