Uganda and the media supporting conservation

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The Uganda Conservation Media Awards are aimed at promoting conservation reporting across all forms of media. The launch doubles as a call for entries for the Uganda Conservation Media Awards 2023 to reward outstanding reporting about wildlife conservation and environmental issues.

A press briefing held at UWA headquarters in Kololo,Kampala yesterday and released by Head of Communications UWA Hangi Bashir states:

“Uganda Wildlife Authority recognizes the critical role the media plays in raising awareness, and aims to encourage, motivate, and inspire journalists to produce the best in conservation reporting.”

“It is our anticipation that these awards will encourage more reporting by the Ugandan media about the conservation successes in our nation, challenges, and the solutions to  those challenges,” said Uganda Wildlife Authority Executive Director, Sam Mwandha.

“Conserving Uganda’s wildlife and natural heritage is vitally important. Therefore, we hope to see reporting on the success stories as well as the problems,” he added. Mr. Mwandha observed that UWA works with partners including the media to execute its conservation mandate and that the role of media in conservation cannot be overstated.

“Media plays a fundamental role in highlighting efforts and challenges for wildlife conservation and helps set the agenda and frame messages for public debate.”

“In so doing, the media influences public opinion, making it a key partner for the conservation fraternity,” said Mwandha.

The main objective of the Uganda Conservation Media Awards is to develop and promote excellence in conservation reporting.

The awards feature 4 categories:

1. Community conservation. Including human-wildlife conflict and ways to address it.

2. Wildlife protection. Anything from rangers to vets.

3. Wildlife crime. Including arrests, prosecutions, and legal implications.

4. Habitats and environment. Should explain relevance to wildlife.

In each category, separate awards will be given for the following media groups:

1. Print and/or online

2. Radio

3. Television

A separate award will be given for the Uganda Wildlife Photograph of the Year.

Winners will be given a cash award of 5,000,000 Uganda shillings (approximately US$1,400), a winner’s plaque, and free entry to Uganda’s national parks for the winner for one year.

The awards are co-sponsored by conservation group WildAid, and winners will be announced at a special ceremony in July 2023.

Uganda and the media supporting conservation“>Click here to read the FULL Article.

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