Uthans were advised to “avoid journey if probable” as double-whammy trip winds could dump many feet of snow on Utah mountains.

by Jonathan Sharp

posted at 12 January 2024 at 8:33 PMMST.

Updated: 10:53 PM MST on January 12, 2024.


SALT LAKE CITY ( ABC4 ): The mountains are covered in several feet of snow. go problems are challenging. serious avalanche risks As another two spring storms look to thunder into Utah this trip, bringing wet, heavy snow and strong winds, all of those are anticipated for the position.
Nearly all of northern Utah was upgraded by the National Weather Service to be under a spring storm warning on Friday. The notice has already begun and will remain in effect through early Monday. The Great Salt Lake Desert, the northern Uintas, wasatch Plateau, central highlands, and the Wasatch Front are all covered by the reminder. The climate service advised people to stay away from traveling this weekend and to be ready for winter driving conditions.
The winter wind watches and warnings for northern and central Utah are displayed on this image. According to ABC4 scientists, the hills may experience a 10 inch accumulation of snow over the course of the following 72 time, while the mountains under the notice area are likely to receive 2 feet or more. By Sunday night, 60 inches or 5 feet of snow had accumulate in some remote locations, like the Upper Cottonwoods.
Winter weather forecasts for the Sanpete Valley, Juab, and Millard counties are in effect in northern Utah through the trip. By Sunday, experts estimate that the key mountains will receive 30 inches of snow, and the valleys may receive up to 10 inches.
Go Effect and Timing
Utah experienced its first surprise on Friday night. As the program swirls over northern Utah in the evening, heavier frost and gusts of up to 40 miles are anticipated. With snow sticking to the road, traveling on major thoroughfares like I-15 could be untidy.
The northern hill roads were already dangerous in their current state. UDOT shut down the North Ogden Divide and Logan Canyon before on Friday as a result of an avalanche there. No one was hurt, but one car got stuck in the winter, and a group of people heading to work managed to rescue the pilot. According to John Gleason, a spokesperson for UDOT,” there will be times when we are going to notice whiteout conditions, so we’re asking people never to go in the higher elevations, the canyon areas.” ” Climbing those rocky cliffs, including Parleys Canyon, Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon and Sardine Canyon as well as Logan Canyon,” will be extremely difficult.

The Logan region was classified as having an “extreme” hazard of avalanches, the highest category, by the Utah Avalanche Center on Friday. The majority of the central and northern hills are currently at “high” threat.
On this image, Utah is in danger of experiencing an landslide on January 12, 2024. Through Friday evening, winter rains are anticipated and may last into the day. For this first method, the benches may receive up to a half-foot of snow, while the valleys may receive 1 to 4 feet. By Saturday night, there could be between one and two feet of formation in the central and northern mountains.
Before the next method lumbers in on Saturday afternoon, there might be a short respite from the snow after this first storm. The heaviest snowfall is anticipated to drop once more on northern Utah during this second winter storm, which is expected to have provincial effects.
Warmer Temperatures and Denser Snow
This second surprise may bring with it somewhat warmer temperatures and humidity from an atmospheric creek. Before the temperature drops and the rain changes to snow, some valley areas may also experience a wintry blend.

As its name implies, an atmospheric river is like a torrent in the sky that carries moist air from the tropics toward the poles.
The rain-filled wind that is expected to arrive on Saturday may add an additional 4 to 10 inches of rain and heavy snowfall to the northern and central hills, an extra 8 to 16 feet for the seats, another 10 to 20 inches, and a whopping 15 to 30 inches on the mountains.
However, because some of the valley’s rain may be weather, the total amount of snowfall may be lower overall.
This chart depicts Utah’s snow potential through Sunday night. Additionally, the Saturday method will fall into southeastern Utah, possibly dumping 10 inches of snow in the mountains and only a 2 inch layer left in rivers. Most weather is anticipated for St. George, though a few snow might fall on Saturday night. Secluded winter showers are anticipated to persist in the higher ground until Monday, when this second storm is expected to pass.

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Uthans are advised to “avoid journey if feasible” during WEEKENDSNOW.

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SALT LAKE CITY ( ABC4 ): The mountains are covered in several feet of snow. challenging traveling situations. severe avalanche risks As another two spring storms that will bring damp, heavy snow, and strong winds are predicted to hit Utah this weekend, all of those are anticipated. The National Weather Service upgraded almost all of [ …] on Friday.

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