Volotea Doubles Operations from Milan Bergamo

by: Harry Johnson |

Milan Bergamo Airport is set to welcome summer with numerous new routes and further increases to its network during the S23 timetable. The start of the Italian Airport’s summer season is witness to the doubling of Volotea’s route offering, as the Spanish low-cost carrier (LCC) launches three international operations from the Lombardy gateway. Filling previously unserved spots on the airport’s route map, the airline will link Milan Bergamo to Lyon, Nantes, and Oviedo for the first time.

Boosting flights to Milan Bergamo’s second largest country market, Volotea commenced a three times weekly service to Oviedo yesterday. As the commercial centre of the Asturias region becomes the 13th destination on the airport’s network to mainland Spain, the new link will see Milan Bergamo offer 111 weekly flights to the southern European country this summer.

While Lyon and Nantes join the airport’s route map on 6 April and 13 April respectively, the highly desired destinations will enrich Milan Bergamo’s French connections, joining established links to Bordeaux, Lourdes, Marseille, Paris Beauvais, Paris Charles de Gaulle, and Toulouse. Gaining an immediate 5% share of the airport’s French market, Volotea will offer more than 1,200 weekly seats throughout the year to France.

Giacomo Cattaneo, Director of Commercial Aviation, SACBO says: “We’re very excited to see Volotea expand its range of destinations from our airport, particularly as the airline increases its international operations from Milan Bergamo. These services are hugely important to passengers in our catchment area wishing to visit the fantastic Asturias and the city of Oviedo, as well as to discover more the French regions and cities through the flights to Nantes and Lyon. We also invite those tourists with the desire to explore the stunning Lombardy region.” Giacomo adds: “Being able to establish these links with Volotea perfectly fits into our objective to better-connect our airport, as well as ensuring Milan Bergamo’s continued growth.”

Joining Volotea’s established domestic links to Lampedusa, Olbia, and Pantelleria, the enhancement of the airline’s presence at the airport sees a perfectly balanced offer of three domestic and three international flights. Operating more than 380 flights in total during 2023, the LCC will offer close 130,000 two-way seats through the year from Milan Bergamo.

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