Watching Mona Lisa Now Costlier in The Louvre

The Louvre in Paris, famed for iconic artworks like the Mona Lisa, plans to increase its basic entrance fee by 29% next year, raising it from 17 euros to 22 euros.

Mona Lisa (Copy)

This decision, the first hike since 2017, aims to address rising energy expenses and support free entry for specific groups like individuals under 18, teachers, and journalists. However, concerns arise that this increase might contribute to elevated costs for visitors, especially during the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris.

The Louvre’s price hike aligns with a broader trend of rising costs in Paris, coinciding with preparations for the upcoming Olympics.

While the museum’s increase wasn’t directly tied to the Games, it reflects a pattern of escalating expenses. Paris metro ticket prices are set to nearly double during the Olympics, starting July 26 next year. Visitors planning to be in Paris then may encounter challenges finding affordable accommodation due to significantly increased hotel prices, with projections showing a rise of over 300% between the summer seasons of 2023 and 2024.

Additionally, a crackdown on tourist apartment rentals adds to the difficulties for visitors seeking places to stay.

SOURCE: Watching Mona Lisa Now Costlier in The Louvre