We inquired from a flight attendant on their best insider advice for flying skillfully

At TPG, we take pride in consistently supplying our readers with a deep understanding of how to best journey. Although we may think we know a lot about airplanes, the reality is that there is one group of people who has more expertise than we do – flight attendants. As an example, Lezah Cooper has been employed as a flight attendant He has worked with a variety of passengers from superstars to those who are very anxious while flying for fifteen years with Virgin Atlantic. She is very knowledgeable about the rules to keep in mind when taking a lengthy journey. TPG sat down with Cooper to get her expert advice on the best flight seating seat, techniques to tackle jet lag, and if it is even possible to make an upgrade happen. This is what she shared with us. According to Cooper, the ideal spot to sit on a plane is… Cooper stated that he would definitely choose Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class. It all depends on the type of plane you are taking, and I understand not everybody is able to pay for it. If you experience fear during flying, Cooper advises selecting a seat located aft of the wings. She stated that the experience should be more comfortable if there are unsteadiness while in the air. Cooper also noted that the window seat may be something to look into.