Where in Dubai can you find the best wines with 0 % alcohol? Lyre’s

Cheers to sticking to your clean January goals. If “new year, new me” is your go-to phrase in January, you might be giving dry Jan a try. However, staying in is not necessary, and you are no longer required to miss a trip to the bar. You can keep your New Year’s resolutions in check with powerful o. 0 % cocktail offferings at some of the most upscale locations in the area thanks to the non-alcoholic coffee experience created by Lyre. If only those who consume Negroni or a cool Dark ‘n’ Stormy concoction have access to their flavors? We do n’t believe so. Lyre’s also does n’t, which is why they’re revolutionizing the way people drink by offering a wide variety of inclusive cocktails. Below, you’ll find 8 locations in Dubai that support the tendency of non-alcoholic cocktails. Cheers! LPM Restaurant &amp, Bar, a well-known restaurant worldwide, is launching” La Petite Pause” with four non-alcoholic wines in partnership with Lyre’s to celebrate Dry January. The Nogroni Sbagliato, Watermelon Gazpacho, L’Orgeat, and Rosé Champagne Colada are among the four distinctive cocktails ( all shown above ). In honor of Dry January, Coya Restaurant &amp, Pisco Bar, has added four expertly crafted Lyre non-alcoholic wines: Blossom Spritz, Palomita, Martini Expresso, and Scarlet. You may embrace the playful and adventurous soul, all with a wary twist, in the surroundings of Coya’s radiant Latin American experience. L’Atelier Robuchon, which is known for being at the top of its game in the world of fine dining, provides a sophisticated selection of zero-alcohol beverages, including the iconic 0.0 % Whiskey Sour. The restaurant has a fresh permanent selection of non-alcoholic cocktails that are ideal for pairing with the great French cuisine as of January. The Guild is a landscape filled with skilled chefs and workers waiting for their tales to get told. It is an ode to the buzzing, active brasseries of New York. With a variety of zero-alcohol offerings, such as the Delizioso di Amaretti, they provide weekly amusement with their native DJs and lived percussionists. Brooklyn and Seoul meet at the neon-lit Asian club Kimpo at Conrad Dubai. Consider their Seoul Cloud cocktail, or a traditional Amaretti Sour, while you indulge in Korean-style city food. Boca is a Modern Spanish cafe with stout ecology. It’s tucked away in the financial district of Dubai. Consider Lyre’s Amaretti, a homemade maple-buckwheat tincture made with banana milk wash, and Hookah PlaceTop hooks and professional mixologists will be waiting for you there as evidence. The vibrant, stone and roll-inspired designs are the ideal setting for enjoying a Lyre’s non-alcoholic cocktail. Multi-award-winning and Michelin Guide-listed Masti, which translates to “fun and mischief,” combines modernity with history and colour with flavour to produce a representation of” New Asia.” Consider their Pan-Asian-inspired sharing plates with a creative zero-proof concoction, such as the Mumbay with Lyre’s Roman Spritz. Buy Lyre’s 0.0 % cocktails on Amazon to make them at home. Ae,