Why Detroiters are n’t just traveling this weekend for the holidays


Ibrahim Samra

11:34 PM EST on December 28, 2023
/ CBS Detroit

Why Detroiters are n’t just traveling this weekend for the holidays

( CBS DETROIT )- The new year is bringing in some new activities for some travelers at Detroit Metro Airport. A young girl who was traveling to Florida said,” We are going on a cruise.” However, people like the Wyatt family from Detroit do n’t just travel for holidays. Additionally, they are departing to help their team, which is hoped to win a tournament. Ron Wyatt says,” We’re headed to Virginia.” Rachel Bayham, a fervent Michigan supporter, claims she is going to see the Raptors take on Alabama in Pasadena, California, this weekend.” I’ll be out, but then at five o’clock, I will be watching Michigan damage Alabama ( on Saturday ). I have my Cats gear on, but I’m going to the Rose Bowl. Bayham claims,” I also have Lions knockout cards. The number of people expected to travel across the nation this month, according to AAA, is the highest since the organization started keeping track of the data in 2000. From CBS News, more

Metro Airport in Detroit
Samra Ibrahim
In September 2022, multi-talented blogger Ibrahim Samra joined the CBS Detroit media group.
Published for the first time on December 28, 2023 at 11:34 PM EST

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