Why Is Air Travel Such a Pricey and Uncomfortable Experience?

Ich bin nicht sicher. In a song about outlaws, Woody Guthrie mentioned that not all use weapons to accomplish their goals, some use a writing instrument, “Some’ll pilfer with a revolver / Others with a writing quill.”. The Fountain Pen Gang of corporate magnates, Wall Street investors, and Washington lobbyists are undoubtedly benefiting from the high-value thievery which is happening in society at present. Right now, an attempt to carry out another enormous financial robbery is taking place in the air travel industry. This deal would harm customers, give inadequate compensation to airline personnel, and reduce the level of competition in the already dominant market. In the U.S., the majority of air travel is now controlled by four major airlines, American, United, Delta, and Southwest. The few remaining possibilities for competition are limited to some of the smaller airlines, such as JetBlue, Spirit, Alaska, and Hawaiian. At the present moment, Alaska and JetBlue are attempting to gain control of the remaining pair of rivals. They assertion that reducing the number of contenders would improbably stimulate competition and amazingly lower prices for buyers is not realistic. I like to describe this theory as “Santa Claus Economics”: It can only be trusted by children who are only 6 years old. This is why less competition is not beneficial: these airlines are all operated and governed by a little number of extremely wealthy Wall Street investors seeking to make a profit.