Why the Blue Business Plus is still around: A long-term manager tightly tucked away in my pocket

I’ve been using my travel credit cards to accrue points and yards for almost 20 years, and I frequently hear the same prevent when discussing the subject with friends and family. Longtime readers are aware of the answer to the question,” Why would I ever pay an annual fee on a credit card?” but I still find it difficult to understand why so many people would choose to do so. Fortunately, there are many excellent no-annual-fee cards available, and for small business owners, The Blue Business ® Plus Credit Card from American Express ( see rates and fees ) stands above the rest. This card is still strongly in my pocket because of this. Flexible Account Rewards points Many card issuers let you share your points across several cards in their particular ecosystems. Nevertheless, this typically means that higher-end cards are needed for your no-annual- fee options in order to increase their value. Case in point: If you do n’t have a higher-tier card, your options for cash-back redemption are limited. For the Blue Business Plus, that is untrue. To reserve business class, I regularly transfer Amex points to Iberia. John SMITHSON/THE Items GUYYou can earn 2 Membership Benefits points per dollar spent on American Express cards even if they are the only ones you have in your pocket. This can increase your spending each year to up to$ 50,000,000. And these are Membership Rewards items that are completely flexible. My preferred forgiveness option is to transfer them to Amex’s 21 flight and hotel lovers, though you can use them for flights, hotels, and rental cars through American Express Travel. The best options for me include: I’ve even topped off my Delta Air Lines SkyMiles account when I was just shy of a certain redemption, though this did incur Amex’s irksome fee to offset federal excise taxes on the transfer ( 0.06 cents per point, up to maximum of$ 99 ). Check out our guide to maximizing Amex Membership Rewards details for more advice. Regarding the Amex Blue Business Plus Card, there are 7 reasons why it should be in everyone’s wallet. As previously stated, the blue business plus does not charge an annual fee ( see costs and expenses ). This implies that there is no annual value to your small business. According to TPG’s most recent estimates, you receive the equivalent of 4 % up on all purchases with 2 points per dollar spent, which is a great rate of return. This is n’t a good option when traveling abroad because the card does impose foreign transaction fees ( see rates and fees ) when used outside of the United States. The fact that this card does n’t have an annual fee makes this next perk even more noteworthy. Read more: 7 reasons you should get ( and keep) a no-annual-fee credit card. I strongly advise checking your credit card balances frequently for discounts and reward offers that need to be activated before making a purchase. And the Amex Offers software is among the most important on the market. I saved$ 60 on a hotel stay in Manhattan with Amex Offers last year. HYATT CENTRIC MIDTOWN 5TH AVENUE NEW YORK/FACEBOOK In 2023, here’s just a sampling of the offers I used on my Blue Business Plus:$ 60 back on a monthly YouTube TV subscription ($ 20 back, up to three times )$ 75 back on a$ 300 purchase at a Hyatt Centric in New York City$ 10 back on a$ 75 purchase at Office Depot$ 44 back on a$ 221 stay at a Residence Inn$ 75 off a$ 300 purchase at a Kimpton hotel$ 100 off$ 536 in purchases at Lowe’s$ 14 off$ 137 in purchases at FedEx Office$ 60 off my$ 120 annual renewal of Dropbox2, 500 bonus Amex points for purchases at amazon.comIn all, I received over$ 645 in statement credits plus an additional 2, 500 Amex points (valued at$ 50 ). That’s nearly$ 700 of added value, all on purchases I was already making. How well it plays with othersIf you’re just looking for a tiny- business cards with no monthly fee, the Blue Business Plus is a fantastic choice. Nonetheless, there’s something to be said about pairing it with other Amex accounts to magnify your making opportunities. For instance, I also have the specific American Express ® Gold Card, which awards 4 points per dollar at U. S. stores ( on up to$ 25, 000 in payments each month, then 1 point per dollars ) and 4 points per dollar at restaurants abroad. I’ll use the Gold card for those purchases, but then the Blue Business Plus can cover a variety of other purchases that do n’t fall into traditional bonus categories. And since the Amex Gold waives foreign transaction fees ( see rates and fees ), it’s a great option for trips outside the U. S. THE POINTS GUYI also hold The Platinum Card ® from American Express, and while I do n’t use it frequently for spending, I do value the array of perks on the card — including extensive lounge access and luxury hotel perks. The other great thing is that your Membership Rewards items from numerous Amex accounts ( including customer and business cards ) get pooled when you add them to a single online profile. As a result, there’s no need to fret about managing many passwords and individual accounts. Read more: American Express Membership Rewards: The ultimate guideCurrent welcome offerIf you do n’t currently have the Blue Business Plus, it’s worth noting that you can currently earn a welcome bonus of 15, 000 Membership Rewards points after spending$ 3, 000 on purchases on your card in your first three months. This is n’t a wildly lucrative offer, but the card has gone through long stretches in the past with no welcome bonus. As a result, if you’ve been waiting to utilize, today is a great day to do so. Really be aware of Amex’s when- per- lifetime policy on pleasant bonuses, and become confident you’ve read through our guide to application restrictions so you’re aware of potential roadblocks. And notice that you may not have a proper business to get approved — I was approved centuries ago using only my Social Security number as a sole proprietor. Connected: How to get a business credit cardBottom lineI am a big fan of the Amex Blue Business Plus cards. With 2 points per dollar spent on all purchases (up to$ 50, 000 per month ) along with an array of attractive Amex Offers and simple pairability with another Amex cards, the Blue Business Plus has a lengthy- term spot in my wallet. With the recent delightful present, now could be a great time to add the card to your arsenal — and start earning significant Membership Rewards points for your small business. To learn more about the passport, read our full review of the Blue Business Plus. Click ok to apply for the Blue Business Plus cards with a 15, 000 level welcome bonus. For rates and fees for Amex Blue Businesses Plus, click here. Click here for Amex Gold costs and fees.