Wizz Air Fully Electric Turnarounds at Budapest Airport

Wizz Air announced it is performing fully electric turnarounds at Budapest Airport this week.

The “green” turn at Budapest Airport has been made possible through the airports’ provision of charging infrastructure necessary for electric equipment, with all energy from renewable sources.

It is further supported by Menzies Aviation’s ’electric first’ approach which includes a commitment to 25% electric GSE globally by 2025. Menzies’ use of electric baggage tractors and belt loaders, passenger steps with solar panels, ground power unit, a pushback, potable water and lavatory units is enabling Wizz Air to depart from Budapest Airport safely while improving energy use and operational efficiency.

Electric turns reduce carbon emissions from the ground handling process by around 80% per aircraft when compared to using diesel-powered equipment. Currently, Menzies Aviation provides fully electric turns for two Wizz Air aircraft simultaneously at Budapest Airport.

SOURCE: Wizz Air Fully Electric Turnarounds at Budapest Airport