World Expo 2030: For the Smiling Chocolate Girl in Riyadh!

When this 10 years old Saudi girl walked over to me at Cafe Bateel, a trendy coffee place next to my Marriott Hotel in Riyadh, this little girl offered me a piece of her chocolate with a big innocent smile. Her mother and father in traditional clothing behind her did not speak much English but said:

“Welcome to Saudi Arabia”

I knew from that moment Saudi Arabia was a different place. Welcome is not just a word, but behind saying this world there is a deeper meaning coming from the heart. It also showed me an open and friendly curiosity Saudi people have towards visitors. As long as they were unable to meet us tourists from the west, as long we were not able to meet them in their home.

At that moment I wished the world was able to see this interaction. In 2030 the entire world may have a chance to experience this unique and powerful sign of hospitality, when World Expo 2030 has a chance to be hosted in the Saudi Capital.

In 2030 countries of the world may turn such interaction into a positive lesson of human understanding, peace and tourism.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is working on all fronts to win the bid, so they can host World Expo 2030.

There is a good reason for the world to award the Kingdom the hosting of this Expo.

A Kingdom that was hardly known and closed to non-Muslims until it opened its gates wide and prominent on September 27th, 2019. Tourism was the new way for Saudi Arabia to show its welcoming face to the world, proudly and prominently.

When COVID Hit, Saudi Tourism came to the Rescue

When COVID took over the world and poundered global tourism this brand new tourism destination in the world responded to emergency calls by tourism ministers from around the world becoming the go-to country for hope, help, and tomorrow. Today it is the latest hotspot on the global travel and tourism arena.

Even the Saudi Tourism Minister put a Lime in the Coconut

Saudi Arabia’s progressive tourism minister showed his friendly face everywhere. Together with one of the most prominent global government faces and tourism ministers in the world, the Hon. Edmund Bartlett from Jamaica the Saudi Tourism Minister His Excellency Ahmed Al-Khateeb put a Lime in the Coconut while in Jamaica.

Saudi Arabia at the same time opened its welcome mattress to organizations, such as the World Travel and Tourism Council, such as the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), and many more organizations, initiative, and events not only in the tourism sector.

Kingdom of Unlimited Possibilities

One Mega project after another was announced to the world, giving the Kingdom the nickname of the Kingdom of Unlimited Possibilities. With former WTTC CEO and Mexican Minister of Tourism, HE Gloria Guevara, the Saudi Minister appointed the most powerful woman in tourism to lead the new Global Sustainable Center.

Saudi Vision 2030 goes with World Expo 2030

The young generation in the Kingdom is excited. 63% of Saudis are under 30 years old,  Saudi Expatriate are moving back home to be part of the new Saudi Arabia.

All of this is based on Vision 2030.

Saudi Vision 2030 is a government program launched by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that aims to achieve the goal of increased diversification economically, socially, and culturally, in line with the young and progressive vision of the 39-year-old Saudi Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman. 

World Expo 2030 and Vision 2030

Saudi Arabia deserves the opportunity to host World Expo, and this is World Expo 2030. Every major project in the Kingdom has a connection or is based on Vision 2030 .

2030 is a focus year for Saudi Arabia. Combining this goal with the hosting of the World Expo is poised to be a winner and a vision of hope and inspiration way beyond Saudi Arabia.

What cities are competing for Expo 2030?

Riyadh is competing with Rome, Italy, and Busan, South Korea. Rome should not be part of a big competition since Milan in Italy just hosted a successful World Expo in 2015.

Unless it becomes a political decision dividing Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, Riyadh should be able to unite the world with the excitement of welcoming World Expo 2030 in the Saudi Arabian capital.

Party until you drop in Riyadh and dream the Saudi Vision 2030

No competitor city would get close to the uniqueness Riyadh will bring to the plate. The venue is the most unique, the curiosity is there for everyone, and the resources to make Expo 2030 Riyadh a mega success is a given – it goes with Vision 2030, and the budget is not the issue.

The city is already booming. Tourists and locals can party as they drop, dreaming of the Saudi Vision.

SOURCE: World Expo 2030: For the Smiling Chocolate Girl in Riyadh!