World Singing Record Breaked by Ghana’s New Tourism Ambassador

The world record for the longest uninterrupted song during the Christmas season was broken by a person from Ghana’s money town. After a standout achievement that lasted 126 hours and 52 hours, Afua Asantewaa Owusu Aduonum from Accra began her” sing-a-thon” on Christmas Eve on Sunday, December 24 and ended it the following Friday.
Asantewaa’s initiative was in line with the country of Ghana, which aimed to attract a larger number of tourists and highlight its rich cultural heritage, especially its song. As part of the” Beyond the Return” plan, the government recently unveiled a visa-on-arrival program for visitors to the former British colony during the Christmas and New Year celebrations. The goal of this ten-year strategy is to motivate people living in the African diaspora to return to Ghana and recover it.
The 33-year-old businesswoman has been appointed by the Ghana Tourism Authority ( GTA ) as its tourism ambassador as a token of appreciation for drawing attention to Africa’s largest gold producer. According to the Global Peace Index, this state is regarded as one of the continent’s most tranquil countries.
With the nomination of Afua Asantewaa to this position, she will be able to work strongly with GTA to promote and market the nation both domestically and abroad. Representatives from the GTA claim that Asantewaa’s success greatly benefits the nation and that it is essential to make use of Afua asantewah a persona to achieve this.
Nigerians, including former President John Dramani Mahama and present Vice President Mahamadu Bawumia, who are both candidates for the highest office in Ghana’s future 2024 elections, gave Asantewaa their full support for his steady performance of native songs throughout the five-day function.
According to reports, Asantewaa has reportedly broken Sunil Waghmare’s record for singing for 105 days in India, which he has held since 2012. Asantewaa is certainly a professional singer, unlike Waghmare, which has caused some Citizens to question her ability to pull off this feat on social media. She apparently succeeded in breaking the archive by an additional 21 days, though.
Asantewaa completed her attempt on Friday, and Guinness World Records ( GWR ) responded to a comment on Facebook alerting it to the event, describing it as one that “certainly seems to have captured the public’s imagination.”
The Guinness World Records Facebook post about Asantewaa’s accomplishment states that the community has been affected by the event.
In order to determine whether Asantewaa has set the record for the longest specific singing obstacle, the GWR judges expressed their eagerness to hear the evidence.
In the meantime, Ghanaian restaurant Faila Abdul Razak started a cooking workout at midnight on Monday with the intention of breaking European restaurant Alan Fisher’s 119 time, 57 hours world history.
Hilda Effiong Bassey, a Nigerian restaurant who had held the title since June of the past month, was deposed by Fisher in November as the earth record holder for the longest cooking workout.
In order to overthrow Fisher and win West Africa’s tournament again, the Ghanian chef plans to make nonstop for more than 120 hours.
SOURCE: Ghana’s New Tourism Ambassador Breaks Record for Singing Internationally