XO Triples Down on America’s Most Popular Private Aviation Route

  • The ongoing success and efficiency of the shared on demand model, which XO pioneered, propelled expansion to 30 shared flights a week, with seat pricing starting at just $1,500;
  • XO continues to accelerate with an increase of 93% in shared flights compared to H1 2021;
  • The number of shared seats on the New York and South Florida route now rivals the availability of first-class commercial seats, with a vastly superior experience, including dedicated service from take-off to landing;
  • As shared flights become an integral part of XO offerings, the brand announces the launch of the XO Shared Membership to offer robust value to more frequent customers.

Responding to the increased adoption of private travel, XO — a private aviation company revolutionizing the industry through innovation and technology — announces an expansion of its most in-demand, app-based route between New York and South Florida. XO is tripling access to shared flights with multiple daily trips between the two destinations, as many options as commercial first-class service while delivering superior service by augmenting XO’s core promise of access and democratization of private aviation.

This expansion highlights innovation on several levels — aircraft, service, and schedule. 

The fully customized CRJ-200 aircraft have been reconfigured by removing two-thirds of the seats, creating a spacious and private environment to meet the standards of comfort that XO clients expect. The upgraded jets accommodate up to just nine passengers on each side of the cabin, so everyone has aisle and window privacy while every seat nears a full recline, and every flyer can utilize the 4G WiFi to stay connected. 

The in-flight service has been reimagined by a Michelin star-trained chef using global flavors to delight the most sophisticated palates and is served by two dedicated Cabin Hosts. The dining experience and menu options can be booked seamlessly in advance through the XO mobile app.

This expansion gives flyers more options than ever before: XO now offers access to up to four daily shared flights, seven days a week, from conveniently located private terminals in Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Opa-Locka, White Plains, and Teterboro. Each departure is supported by dedicated XO ground personnel to deliver end-to-end service on a truly personal level.

XO pioneered and continues to lead the shared flight opportunity, so private flyers can enjoy private flying benefits at one-tenth of the cost of a full charter,” said Lynn Fischer, Chief Marketing Officer at XO. “In addition to economic value, shared flights offer significant sustainability advantages. While, on average, fewer than three passengers travel on board a private aircraft, shared flights accommodate 10 or more passengers, increasing the efficiency of seating capacity by 230%.”

As shared flights become an integral part of XO offerings, the private aviation company is also announcing the launch of the XO Shared Membership, providing Members with waived service fees for up to two seats per shared flight. It is the most accessible and transparent option available to fly private by the seat.

About XO

XO is defining the future of travel, revolutionizing global access to private aviation through its unique shared flights, Membership, elevated service, and groundbreaking technology.

XO is part of Vista, the world’s first private aviation ecosystem, integrating a unique portfolio of companies offering asset-light flying solutions to cover all key aspects of private aviation. XO clients have access to aircraft covering a full spectrum of cabin classes through the XO app or a dedicated Aviation Advisor. For more information, visit www.flyxo.com

XO is a Part 295 air charter broker and acts as a principal in buying and reselling seats on shared flights. It is not an air carrier and does not operate any aircraft. All shared flights are XO Global LLC Public Charters organized under 14 CFR 380 and will be operated by properly licensed air carriers. shared flights are subject to XO’s Public Charter Operator Participant Agreement and Terms of Use available at www.flyxo.com. XO is registered with the State of Florida as a Seller of Travel. Registration No. ST42114.