Yes, there is a Travel Guard lawsuit

Guests in two state who paid extra costs to participate in an insurance plan are reimbursed by the$ 23 million arrangement. Travel Guard is a vacation insurance provider that provides skilled care, emergency care, and other services to people all over the world. Many VERIFY readers reached out to see if the observes they received about a Travel Guard coverage settlement are accurate. &# 13,
THE QUESTIONIs that a Travel Guard arrangement? &# 13,
THE SOURCESCourt records &# 13, the official class action settlement website
THE ANSWERYes, there is a Travel Guard arrangement. &# 13,
A Travel Guard settlement worth more than$ 23 million was discovered. According to court documents, customers allege that the firm forced them to pay for “non-insurance help services” in order to be able to access insurance plans. The buyers alleged the “hidden costs” violated regulations in California and Washington. Travel Guard and Travel Guard have reached a colony to resolve the dispute. Customers with billing addresses in California or Washington may have paid help fees after purchasing a Journey Guard travel insurance plan between December 17, 2017 and January 18, 2024 to be eligible for the arrangement. The ideas were most frequently purchased through the sites Google and United Airlines, however, Travel Guard also sells strategies through “other flights, sites, and different travel agents, as well as directly to consumers through website. and through its visit middle”, the settlement site explains. By August 13, 2024, qualified customers must submit a claim via mail or online. Pay amounts depend on the amount of support costs that were applied when the Travel Guard program was purchased. Cash payment will go out after the last acceptance hearing, which is currently scheduled for Oct. 1, 2024. To make it clear what is true and false, the VERIFY group separates fact from fiction. Please consider contributing to our normal email, text emails and our YouTube channel. You can also pursue us on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Learn More »Follow Us&# 13,
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