You should stock up on these 42 items if you plan to go more in 2024.

This is healthier, completely of paraben, and cruelty-free! Additionally, it is packaged in reusable package. A woman-owned little business called Alleyoop offers a fantastic selection of cosmetics. This beauty ink is a favorite of my coworker Genevieve Scarano! This little pen is a big help, because I do n’t need to keep an endless supply of cosmetics in my drawer, and it makes quick touch-ups so simple, according to her review. It includes four (yes, I’m not joking here! ) Eyeliners, highlighters, lipliners, and eyeliners/eyebrow pencils are all cosmetic items. You only need to visit each side over and then apply to your eyes, mouth, and face to get started. This little device easily fits in a handbag or pocket if you’re going to be out and about, allowing you to take it with you while also having room for necessities. Get it from Amazon for$ 24.82+ (available in five colors ), and you wo n’t have to worry if your lip color fades, your brows need some TLC, or your eyeliner smudges.