10 Must-See Barcelona Circles

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Barcelona is well-known for its outstanding squares all over the world. Wonderful malls can be found all over the area. In actuality, we got married a short while after meeting in one more than ten years ago.
The area is the vision of an architect. Barcelona Art Nouveau, also known as Catalan Modernism, takes center stage but also features rectangles from various eras and fashions. Of all the activities in Barcelona, exploring the city’s circles is a must-do!
We have been residing in Barcelona since 2006 and are familiar with the area. With our top 10 circles, we’ve put together the list that follows. You’ll undoubtedly adore each and every one of them just as much as we do!
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10 Barcelona Circles are our favorites.
Catalunya Plaça
Barcelona’s Plaça Catalunya is located in the heart of the city. Between L’Eixample and the Old Town is the courtyard. Here are the starting points for Portal del’ngel Street, Las Ramblas, and Passeig de Gràcia.
Cars from the airport show up in this area. It is connected to the whole town and beyond by a sizable train and metro station that is located beneath it. Here, the majority of Barcelona’s activities and protests take place.
There are monuments, chairs, and fountains. We frequently visit the espresso shop at the top of the department store El Corte Inglés. Spectacular views can be seen from it.
Buenos Aires
Plaça Nova is the pinnacle of Barcelona’s Romanesque architecture. It’s a stunning circle at the end of motorist Portal de l’ngel in the center of the Gothic Quarter.
Above the square, the Cathedral rises. A Roman aqueduct’s remnants can also be found below. The historic records of the city are outdated. The Chamber of Architects of Barcelona tower is covered in a Picasso painting.
Despite being busy, the cafés on the plaza are a great spot for individuals to relax and observe. In the courtyard, you’ll discover street performers and tourists from all over the world relaxing.
Symbol of Plaça del Rei
How many visitors fail to notice the little but stunning Plaça del Rei always astounds us. We share your joy! It is a tiny courtyard that is located behind the Cathedral, quite close to Plaça Nova.
Its enormous Ancient windows from the third millennium will help you identify it. On the left is the General Archive of the Crown of Aragon. Ok, the Kings of Aragon and the works of Barcelona resided.
Do n’t forget to stop by the Santagata Chapel on the plaza and the Barcelona History Museum. Your mouth may be taken away by the altar’s 15th-century design.
Sant Jaume Place
Plaça de Sant Jaume, in the center of the Gothic Quarter, is a must-see. It’s a material square of average size. The Town Hall and Generalitat, a structure owned by the local government, are in charge of the courtyard.
Ferran Street starts at the Plaza de Sant Jaume. You reach Las Ramblas from the Gothic’s major move. Here is also where Jude I Street starts. You are taken to the El Borne Quarter by changing its name to Princesa Street.
This courtyard is where the city’s main festivals, like the Mercè, always take place. We frequently go to Conesa Entrepans, a local favourite, to get sandwiches.
Reial Plaça
We first met during the Mercè Fiestas a long time ago in Plaça Reial. Second to Las Ramblas is our preferred town square. The whole courtyard is flanked by beautiful arches.
In the center, there is a waterfall and beautiful palm trees. Look for Gaudi’s lampposts by searching. There are two, and to us, they are the world’s nicest.
Despite being busy, the shops and eateries that line the plaza provide beautiful landscapes and a peaceful environment. At night, the plaza is very exciting. Here are some of the best restaurants in the city. The humorous Ocaa is our beloved.
Plaça dels-ngels
In the Old Town of El Raval, Plaça dels ngels is located. On the square is the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art. lots of athletes as well!
The sound on the square is a source of complaint from the neighbors. We adore it a lot! The town’s most lively and turbulent square is definitely Plaza dels ngels. Locals come to stand out, skate, and party.
The 15th-century Angels Convent is today a venue for exhibitions. Unrestricted entry! Beyond is Carmelitas Square. Remember to check out the AIDS painting at Plaça de Joan Coromines, which is located next to the arts gallery.
Espaa d’Espanya
The most well-known square in the city is called Plaça d’Espanya. Here is the enormous ancient trickier. Today, it’s the Arenas buying center. From inside the store, you can ascend to the top and take in some of Barcelona’s most breathtaking views.
Our treadmill is it, so we frequently visit. The circle is a sizable fork in the road. Cars from the airports stop here, and below that is a sizable train and metro place.
The Barcelona satisfactory is located on the square. Two enormous pillars with Italian influences are visible. The square is not far from the 1929 Magic Fountain. The present every night is fantastic!
Plaça d’Europa
You must ascend Montjuc Hill, the green hills that towers over Barcelona, in order to attain Plaça d’Europa. It should not be confused with Hospitalet’s useless Plaça Europa.
In front of the 1992 Olympic venue is the circular square, also known as Anella Olmpica or the Olympic Ring. The famous Olympic castle of Calatrava is also present. The whole area is lovely and full of relaxing benches and waterfalls.
The Plaça d’Europa is a fantastic location to watch the sun set. Citizens come to the area to practice in the numerous courts and pools. One step apart is the Barcelona Botanical Gardens.
Plaza de la Concrdia
One of the city’s most attractive and least traveled areas is Plaça de la Concrdia. Is n’t that wonderful? The courtyard is located in the center of Les Cortes, a posh area close to Diagonal Avenue.
Les Cortes was formerly a separate area from Barcelona in the 18th century. This served as its focal point. As a result, the majority of the structures on the square date from the 18th and 19th centuries.
The Modernist Mansion must be visited. You Deu has evolved into a hub for culture and has beautiful coffee shops with patios and trees. It’s also worthwhile to visit the church on the square.
Place de la Vila de Gràcia
The best is saved for next! For a while, we resided in Gràcia, and we would often find ourselves drawn to the city’s central plaza, Plaça de la Vila de Grácia. Every single person in the area does!
It’s generally busy and a lot of fun! The end clock building dates back to the 19th century. Numerous eateries and coffee shops are present. Additionally, you can observe from a couch.
Previously, Gràcia was a distinct area, and this is its main square. The various stunning plaza in Gràcia is very near. Visit Plaza del Sol and mingle with the locals for snacks and a beer.
Barcelona Circles: How to Attend
Walking is the most effective way to explore each of the aforementioned circles. One of the things we appreciate most about Barcelona is how convenient and secure it is to move around.
Often, we ride our bikes through the area. You can travel anywhere using cycle paths. Rent a bike and take it for the journey. Make sure to tie it securely where it is permitted.
If you start to feel fatigued, take the metro. Terminals are practically next to every circle. Additionally, cars are a fantastic choice. Purchase a T-Cloyal cards and use it in trucks and the subway.
Where to Stay in Barcelona
The L’Eixample and Gothic districts in Barcelona are the best for lodging. There are several rail halts, and you can easily move from both locations.
The H10 Art Gallery is one of our beloved hotels in L’Eixample. Enric Granados Street, the neighborhood’s nicest walking city, is where it is located. The resort is centered on the arts. A pool, a wonderful garden, and an elevated terrace are all features.
Sit at the Mercer Hotel in the Gothic District. The five-star resort formerly served as a house. Beautiful rooftop pool and ancient peach trees can be found in the garden. The customer support is first-rate.
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