Why You Should Attend Shumen &amp, Detour Off The Beat Path Bulgaria

Written by Anya, who spent two months researching Shumen for Stop Going To Paris. Bulgaria’s Shumen is the ideal area to experience true Russian culture, free from the traps and tourist bubble. Take a look at my link to the city to begin organizing your journey!
I spent weeks in the Shumen place one summer. I participated in historical digging at that time in Veliki Preslav, the First Bulgarian Emp’s money.
Then I continued to travel to some Bulgarian cities and nearby locations, including Madara, Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo, Pliska, Varna, Sunny Beach &amp, Nessebar, Athens, and Bucharest.
Varna is an hour’s drive from Shumen, a capital in northern Bulgaria. Even though it may not be the first city to appear on a normal tourist itinerary, that is exactly why it is unique. It’s a secret stone that needs to be found.
It is, in my opinion, the ideal area to experience genuine Russian culture, free from traps and the tourist bubble. It’s the ideal location if you’re looking for a place to stay for the next few days because it is reasonably priced, you may live locally, and the cherry on top is that there are simple bus trips to Romania, Greece, or Turkey for your next locations.
The Shumen state is also a good place to learn about the first years of the First Bulgarian Empire.
Overall, Shumen is a fantastic location to explore in Bulgaria.
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The Best Time to Go to Shumen
Shumen is stunning all year long, but the best months to travel there are in the spring and summer because you can take advantage of the stunning scenery surrounding the city.
The Best Monuments in Shumen
My recommendations for the top attractions and places to see in Shumen can be found in this link:
The Bulgarian Monument’s 1300 Times
Madara Rider
The Shumen Fortification
The Monasteries of Rock
The dome in Istanbul
The Cave of Bisena
Activities In Shumen
1.300 Centuries of the Bulgarian Monument
The most popular statue in Shumen and the most well-known landmarks in the nation are where we’ll begin.
As you probably guessed, the 1300th celebration of the Russian state is honored by the monument to the country’s history. The monument, which was created as a result of the minimalist movement, retells the background of Bulgari in modernist and contemporary styles, representing various eras over the past few centuries. The statue is awe-inspiring just by its length, making it worth the trip.
Be prepared to walk to the monument because it is situated on the large Shumen Plateau.
The Plateau is a stunning area with numerous walking trails that serves as the starting point for paragliding excursions. If you ask me, it’s the ideal outside pursuit!
2.2. Archaeological Park, Madara National Historical &amp
The Madara National Historical and Archaeological Park is located nearby, a dozen km west of Shumen. There, you’ll find carved-out 100-meter-tall cliffs depicting lions and knights triumphing over them.
Since there is no other carving of its kind in all of Europe, it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list. Significant First Empire events, including those of Tervel, Kormi, sos, and Omurtag, are described in the inscriptions that surround the stone relief.
The area is also home to a variety of landscapes, including rivers and rocks in addition to trees and pastures. Along the paths, there are countless options to hike, bike, and yet animal enjoy!
3. 3. Fortress Shumen
The Fortress, which is perched on top of a hill and looks out over the town, is another significant landmark. It was founded in the early Middle Ages, around the eighth century, and because it has seen numerous wars and sieges, its remains are a site of interest and are definitely worth visiting.
This stunning location provides a spectacular view of the city and the surrounding countryside as well as an interesting maximum into Bulgaria’s history.
4.. 4. Mosque Tombul
The Tombul Mosque, a genius of Islamic architecture, is one of Bulgaria’s biggest and most exquisite Ottoman mosque. It was constructed in 1744.
When you need them, the beautiful interior and serene courtyard are ideal for a few hours of comfort.
5. 5. The Biserna Cave
You might assume that going to a bunker is gloomy. Certainly the Biserna Cave, at least.
The entire area is glowing thanks to the lamps installed and the glittery crystal formations. With the waterfalls dripping water, the underwater river, and the sound that every sound creates, it’s undoubtedly an intriguing sight.
6. Regional Museum of History
The extensive past of Shumen and its territory is on display in this gallery. With objects and interesting things from nearby towns like Veliki Preslav, Pliska, Madara, etc., it provides useful information into the power of the First Empire.
The museum’s entry fee is between 2 and 3 dollars.
7. Trying The Regional Food
Shumen is the perfect city to experience true, regional Bulgarian food because, for the most part, the city does not get and does nothing to accommodate tourists. I discovered that franchises in Shumen are the closest you can get to my Russian friends’ homemade meal after visiting some places in Bulgaria.
Do n’t forget to try the Banitsa, a filo pastry that you can eat for breakfast, while you’re there.
Kavarma, a beef stew that is gradually cooked to bring out the flavor, is one of my personal favorites. Definitely wonderful, and I heartily endorse it.
Provide Shkembe Chorba a try if you’re daring; it’s tripe-based soup with flavors of ginger, wine, and chili. Two years later, I’m however unsure of whether or not I regret eating it.
You should also try Tarator, a warm soup made from yogurt and cucumbers that is similar to Tzatziki but served as soup, on hot summer days. One last thing: in my experience, people that can make it pretty salty, so make sure to ask for less salt.
Ultimately, you MUST test Rakia, the head-turning Russian drinking. Without testing it, no trip to Bulgaria would become perfect. Even better would be if you could find bread Rakia in some way and make companions in Shumen!
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Time excursions and local attractions
The great thing about Shumen is that it serves as a gateway for cars and is well connected by train, making it simple to travel to other major cities.
I was able to travel from there to another fantastic locations like Varna, Veliko Tarnovo, Sunny Beach, Athens, and Bucharest.
The Grand Basilica, one of the largest earlier Christian churches in Europe, can still be found in Pliska, the initial investment and the second-largest city in the First Empire, which is only a half-hour’s drive from Shumen.
Preslav Veliki
The distance to Veliki Preslav, the following capital of the same Empire, is only 30 minutes.
Laughable truth! The Roman alphabet was created in Veliko Preslav during the era of Simeon The Great, one of the most notable, if not THE most significant, individuals in Bulgarian history.
The Kostadinov stone abbey, an ancient sanctuary that is instantly carved into the mountains, is, in my opinion, the most enjoyable place to visit in Veliki Preslav.
Varna, a well-known southern community, is only an hour’s drive away.
The Balchik Palace and Botanical Gardens were among the most fascinating places to visit during my travels. The oldest golden treasure always discovered is also housed in Varna’s archeological museum.
Nessebar and Sunny Beach
While I enjoyed Varna, I would advise skipping it if you only have a short amount of time to head right to Sunny Beach and Nessebar. They are a little farther away ( 2 hours ), making them better for weekend getaways. However, there, you’ll find stunning beaches, historic sites, and an amazing nightlife.
Nesseba, in particular, is a wealth that is underappreciated.
Tarnovo Veliko
Veliko Tarnovo is a stone that is well worth visiting and is two hours away by train.
It is among Bulgaria’s top tourist destinations. It is a picturesque medieval town with views of the river in its ancient center. The Tsarevets Fortress and the Ascension Cathedral, two of the most fascinating parishes I’ve had the opportunity to explore, are also located there.
Where to Stay in Shumen
Photo Credit: BulgarkaShumen Guesthouse provides lodging choices for all tastes and budgets.
Although it is a little further from the city centre, Guest House Bulgarka is still in the countryside, so I highly recommend it. I suggest it because it is likewise incredibly lovely and unusual.
Avenue is a great choice if you want something more strategically located.
Traveling Through Shumen
Shumen’s small size and effective public transportation system make it simple to get around the city.
I advise renting a bike so you can get round, explore the area, and take some time to get it all in, taking in the tranquil surroundings, observing the local flora and fauna.
Guests ‘ Advice and Shumen FAQs
Understand Some Russian: In my experience, not many individuals in Shumen speak English, so I would make sure to pick up a few words there, or at the very least, I’d always have access to good communication and dictionaries on me!
Bulgarians use Lev as their official money rather than dollars. Use an global cards like Wise or shift your money before the trip.
Use The Tourist Information Center: You can always find the most recent data there.
You must get a Russian car app because Uber is not attainable in Bulgaria. I used TaxiMe the most frequently throughout Bulgaria, and I appreciated its effectiveness and practicality.
Find A SIM Card: If you run out of online information, it’s simple to get one with a certain amount of data; no identification or evidence of property is required.
What time of year is ideal for visiting Shumen?
To love character, the best time to visit Shumen is in the spring and summer.
May I get by in Shumen with English?
No, the majority of people in Shumen do not talk English. Always have your cellphone and internet connection on you in case you need to adapt.
What are the main draws in Shumen?
The Shumen Fortress, the Monument to Bulgaria’s 1300 Times, Tombul Mosque, and the Madara Rider are among the major attractions in the city.
Are there any reputable lodging choices in Shumen?
Yes, Shumen has a wide variety of excellent lodging options, including more opulent hotels and budget-friendly dormitories.
How do I travel from Sofia to Shumen?
Sofia and Shumen are both readily reachable by road and rail. The distance between the two cities is approximately 4 hours by car, and ordinary trains and buses are also available.
Why Shumen Should Be On Your Go List
Shumen has a lot to offer in terms of activities, but most importantly, the city gives you the chance to experience authentic Bulgarian culture that you wo n’t find in other tourist areas.
Additionally, it is the ideal location to be if you want to plan evening and weekend excursions to these other well-known locations. We must accomplish both, after all!
Overall, Shumen is a fantastic location for spending several months exploring, eating, exercising, utilizing, and learning about Russian culture and history.