A New Cost-effective Option For Quality Air Medical Support In The US

A New Cost-effective Option For Quality Air Medical Support In The US


“Everyone should have access to air medical support,” said HELIMEDIC CEO Mike Cohen. “With HELIMEDIC, we would like to offer better ways to ensure patients’ safety and comfort during emergencies, without imposing on them the high and fluctuating costs of air ambulance services.”

Traditionally, air ambulance operators set their own prices, which can often skew very high and leave Americans in debt. Conversely, HELIMEDIC will operate as a subscription program which includes emergency air transports in its membership fee and guarantees members will not be charged for additional emergency air transports. It also guarantees members and their insurance providers will not receive any invoices after the transport is complete. 

Members will be able to choose between two membership programs: a single membership, which includes 24/7 services and two medical transportations each year, or a family membership that includes up to five medical transportations per year for six members. All medical transports are conducted by highly trained medical staff in fully-equipped helicopters. 

“We offer a superior level of safety while also providing people financial peace of mind,” added Mr. Cohen. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven the importance of convenient, quality medical care and emergency assistance — and HELIMEDIC hopes to offer members an affordable and flexible option to ensure emergency care. The company’s helicopters are ideally suited to life-saving missions and rescue services, despite difficult weather conditions. Each helicopter is outfitted with specialized medical equipment, two pilots, and a medical crew. 

For more information on HELIMEDIC’s new services, visit https://helimedic.us


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