A 6-Day UAE Journey Into Luxury: From Dunes to Buildings as well as Lifestyle

It turned out to be a great idea to spend Christmas in Barcelona next December after escaping the gloomy autumn of Germany. We set our places on the enchanting UAE quest for our upcoming vacation, yearning for comfort once more. We initially intended to stay in Doha for 4 weeks and Abu Dhabi for 2 times, but we changed our minds because the flights were overbooked.
How our trip to the UAE was concluded
On the first day of the university holidays, we were thrilled about our Qatar Airways flight to Doha with alert tickets. But our joy waned. We received the disappointing news that a firm seat that had first been assigned to us was out of order due to safety concerns, and they were unable to assign it to any passengers just 30 minutes before takeoff. We did n’t let the fact that the flight was fully booked lower our spirits. Instead, we hurriedly chose the following day’s accessible journey to Doha.
We arrived at the airport the following morning, ready to enjoy the comfort of a vacation spot, only to experience still another letdown when we were unable to get boarding to Doha. We sat in the airports, frustrated but never defeated, looking for other hot vacations with our luggage packed. We realized that London offered more planes not only to Doha but also to the United Arab Emirates.
We checked into a resort at Frankfurt Airport and boarded the journey to London early in the morning. Luckily, Etihad Airways had seats available on the trip to Abu Dhabi and immediately gave us boarding passes when we made our reservations. As a result, we completely altered our travel ideas and made hotel reservations in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Finally, we embarked on a brand-new journey through the UAE’s vibrant scenery in search of an inviting place. Join us as we describe our spontaneous trip to the interesting places of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
6- Day Travel Itinerary to the Dubai
Introduction of Abu Dhabi International Airport, Bur Dubai neighborhood, shops in the historic district, and Al Fahidi Historical District are all on the first time.
Dubai Marina, Dubai Mall, the Dubai Fountain Show, and Palm Jumeirah are all on the second time.
Third Day: A Desert Safari journey and sky views close to the Dubai Mall.
Fourth time: Abu Dhabi Mall, Al Manzel Apartment Hotel, and by bus.
Fifth Day: A trip that includes the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Qasr Al Watan, and the Etihad Towers.
The Corniche Walk, Flight from Abu Dhabi to Doha, and Flight to Frankfurt are the activities on the sixth time.
Navigating Dubai is very easy, especially when using the metro lines because of their low cost and substantial coverage of well-known attractions. We chose to take moderately priced cars in Abu Dhabi; for example, it cost us about 16 Euros to travel from the Al Manzel Apartment Hotel to the airport. Two scheduled journeys were part of our trip to the United Arab Emirates; one was chosen on a whim and took us to Abu Dhabi to see the Grand Mosque and National Palace.
Introduction at Abu Dhabi International Airport, Bur Dubai Area, and Al Fahidi Historical District on the first day
Entry at an international airports in Abu Dhabi
Around 1:00 am native time, our plane touched down in Abu Dhabi International Airport. To our amazement, the airport, despite being small, was much newer than we had anticipated. The area was crowded with other guests. The immigration official checked our documents, took pictures of our faces, and yet took fingerprints during the relatively simple passage process. Nonetheless, we were taken aback when we arrived at the hands bag checkpoint immediately following border control and before gathering our bags.
Although it must be reserved 24 hours in advance, Etihad Airways provides a pleasant coach service to Dubai from the Abu Dhabi aircraft. We went straight to the coach stop outside the airport because we could n’t book ahead. The team was aware of our predicament and let us on table. The instructor took us to Al Wasl Centre park in Dubai, a dozen meters away from the Dubai Airport, where we could spend some time until night rather than dropping us off at the airport.
We took a short stroll through the middle of nowhere to the local rail station. The rail left for its first run of the day after about 30 minutes, taking us early in the morning to our lodge at Hyatt Place Dubai Baniyas Square. We finally checked in after another six hours of waiting and used the opportunity to catch some much-needed rest.
Dubai’s Bur District
The Bur Dubai region served as the starting point for our trip to the UAE. Our hotel was located next to the oldest neighborhood in the city, Bur Dubai, as we gradually opened our eyes and soaked up the sun. This region to the north of Dubai Creek served as the city’s unique settlement long before Dubai adopted its industrial transformation. We took a quick stroll to Dubai Creek, where the town’s distinctive mix of residential and commercial life was highlighted by the mix of contemporary ships and conventional boats using nets to load and unload cargo. It’s amazing how this area of the city maintains its historic beauty in the face of modern developments.
Old Town Souks
We quickly arrived at the city’s souks after strolling along the creek. These classic covered markets were a delightful mash-up of the spice, textile, gold, and other markets. We probably had that distinctly touristy appearance because the owners of the seasoning shops gladly walked up to us, eager to display and sell their goods. Some also made an effort to imagine our nationalities, which sparked cordial small talk. Despite the friendly welcome, we decided against shopping at the town. However, these markets are a must-see because they provide an excellent look into the state’s vibrant practices.
District of Al FahidiHistorical
We hopped on an Abra, a common ship used by the citizens, to traverse the creek. The contemporary Dubai horizon behind it stands in stark contrast to it. This little vessel, which cost only 2 AED, gave us an true knowledge of the city.
Old Dubai, which is tucked away in the Al Fahidi Historical District, exemplifies mid-19th-century way of life. A glance into Al Fahidi’s prosperous history is provided by the ancient weather towers, which are made of rock, teak, gypsum, palm wood, and sandalwood. Every courtyard, winding path, and lofty tower tells the story of a time before the seven emirates were formed.
When we got there in the late afternoon, the Islamic Information Center and Coffee Museum were both finished. Unfazed, we made our way to a bustling neighborhood restaurant and enjoyed our first Middle East vacation oriental meal.
Darkness had descended upon the way up, and the river was exquisitely illuminated. The time was ideal for capturing some nighttime images.
Dubai Marina, Dubai Mall, and the Dubai Fountain Show were all visited on the second time.
Investigated Palm Jumeirah
We hopped on the Palm Jumeirah Monorail to get to the beach with the palm tree-like shape. It stops at the Atlantis hotel and the nearby waterpark as it gently glides along the main stem. Our enthusiasm was somewhat dampened when we learned that the stance was now a part of the waterpark.
We continued on the seafront from the Atlantis unfazed. It’s a nice place, but only when the weather is n’t hot does the lack of color make it pleasurable. We returned to the Atlantis after a few hundred feet. We sat down to Asian meal at a diner while looking for somewhere cozy. Although it was somewhat pricey, it had a great flavor.
strolled through the Dubai Marina
Dubai Marina, in my opinion, is the best contemporary neighborhood. Next to the rambling river, where sumptuous yachts quietly await their next adventure, skyscrapers stand tall. At the many restaurant, there is never a shortage of great intercontinental cuisine. We enjoyed a beautiful view of the pier from different perspectives as we strolled along the Marina Promenade.
Dubai Mall
Choosing to host a Christmas dining at Dubai Mall, an area with lots of eateries serving international cuisine, struck me as an excellent idea. To be honest, we were feeling pretty stressed out by the time we finally arrived because the trip from the subway station to the mall felt very long.
Dubai Fountain Performance
When we finally found the pond, we could see that the area was now crowded with people. It was n’t a big deal, though, because the fountain shoots water so high! Outside the plaza, there was a great fountain show! One of the most well-known landmarks in the UAE, the fountain’s water spraying patterns into the air was certainly mesmerizing. The addition of music and lights made the audience motivated throughout the entire performance. Wow, it was a really amazing sight!
Third Day: Desert Safari Tour with Sky Views Next to the Dubai Mall
sights of the Dubai Mall from above
The Dubai Mall is right next to Sky Views Observatory. We headed off to see the sights of Dubai’s city areas because the sky was clear in the early dawn. The Observatory offers a 360-degree view of the area and is located 219.8 meters above the ground. I wondered why no cars were traveling through during the day as I peered down through the glass surface and saw the deserted new highways above. I did n’t feel particularly inspired to participate in the Edge Walk and Glass Slide because of my somewhat timid heart.
Safari in the plain
A few minutes before the scheduled time, our journey link arrived in front of our lodge. Five people made up our tour group, which was small enough to fit perfectly inside a Toyota off-road car. Arab tea, camel riding, dust sliding, and an exhilarating drive through the stunning desert landscape were all promised on the itinerary. Our expert driver skilfully maneuvered through the sand dunes ‘ undulations, giving us a rollercoaster-like experience against the desert’s gold backdrop.
The overall landscape changed into a canvas of warm colors as the sun set behind the sands. We used our devices to take pictures of the twilight in the UAE desert, which will serve as a lasting reminder of how beautiful nature is even after the sun has set.
Fourth morning: Al Manzel Apartment Hotel, Abu Dhabi Mall, and a bus ride there.
to Abu Dhabi by van
At the Dubai bus place, we bought our cards over the counter and boarded the bus headed for Abu Dhabi. We chose a taxi to take us to our lodge in Abu Dhabi after arriving at the bus stop, which cost us about 20AED.
Hotel Al Manzel Apartments
Our area was n’t ready on time for some reason. The resort director at Al Manzel apologized and promised to deal with the problem right away. He politely offered us freshly squeezed orange juices in the interim to ease our sorrow. They also offered the kindness of a delayed check-out, which allowed us to check out of the hotel two days later at 18:00.
The resort area was large, with a life room and two rooms in addition to the bathroom. A fully furnished house was also included. a fantastic price for the cash we spent.
Mall in Abu Dhabi
Dinnertime had come, and it was already quite soon. We made the decision to walk a short distance to Abu Dhabi Mall. Even though the store may not have the same degree of modernity as the Dubai Mall, it is still significant enough for citizens to shop there.
Fifth Day: Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Qasr Al Watan, and Etihad Towers
We scheduled a second visit that included stops at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Qasr Al Watan, and Etihad Towers since we only spent one entire evening in Abu Dhabi. The highlight of our entire trip to the UAE was this decision, which turned out to be incredibly enjoyable!
Towers Etihad
The Abu Dhabi Corniche’s neighboring five-tall advanced is a shining example of contemporary pleasure and architecture. It served as the setting for Furious 7’s 2015 movie.
On the 74th surface of the Jumeirah at the Etihad Towers Hotel, we immediately went up to the observation deck. Guests can enjoy spectacular views of the Arabian Gulf, Qasr Al Watan, and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center from the study board.
Al WatanQasr
Qasr Al Watan is a living museum that exemplifies the nation’s customs and management in addition to being an example of architectural beauty. The dazzling white exterior of the entire structure stands out sharply against the sky’s blue hue.
The United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) is represented by its enormous wealth and cultural richness in the Great Hall, which is a work of art. It is decorated with an exquisite chandelier and intricate carvings that reflect the UAE’s cultural identity.
The rug, which weighs an amazing 35 tons, is another marvel. This enormous floor, which was woven over the course of 24 months by a group of 1, 200 skilled workers, is more than just another ground covering; it was created with love and meticulous attention to detail.
Grand Mosque SheikhZayed
The Grand Mosque of the Sheikh Zayed is a representation of spiritual fervor. The trip saving us hours of waiting made us very happy, so we joined it! The dress code is extremely rigid. Some hijabs for women to wear had to be borrowed by our tour guide.
The main courtyard, the focus point of the entire advanced with a marble surface adorned with lovely patterns, is the first eye-catching look. The white marble floors and the imposing building behind it produce a mesmerizing hazy effect as sunshine interacts with the marble’s clean surface.
Sixth Day: Coniche running, trip to Doha, and journey from Frankfurt to doha
Coniche stroll
We went for a Corniche wander in Abu Dhabi on the final day of our trip to the United Arab Emirates. The Arabian Gulf and the impressive skyline of the city can be seen from the waterfront promenade known as Corniche on either part. A calm atmosphere is created by the well-kept gardens, palm-lined pathways, and the soft sea breeze. Along the way, we came across a variety of play places, parks, and cafes.
journey to Doha from Abu Dhabi
Our journey to Doha was scheduled for the evening, so we checked out soon and left the hotel at around 1800, calling a taxi to take us to the aircraft. Abu Dhabi Airport has a hassle-free, bright travel system that makes dropping off our baggage.
We used one of the e-registration restaurants from the Smart Travel System to complete the report and biological balances. Amazingly, it only took us a few seconds to complete this method!
journey from Frankfurt to Doha
We had a few priceless hours to explore the ultra-modern Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar, thanks to the late-night departure of the beijing to Frankfurt journey.
We were left with a lasting effect of the airline’s contemporary and elegant structures as we strolled through the stations. In addition to being practical, the large areas were likewise visually stunning. A state-of-the-art service, Hamad International Airport offers first-rate features like opulent seats, alluring shopping possibilities, and a wide variety of dining choices.
It was frustrating to wander through the stores, which sold everything from opulent high-end companies to genuine Qatari goods. My impression of the aircraft was that it was a massive buying mall. Our waiting period felt noticeably shorter and more pleasant thanks to this unusual experience.
Go advice for the UAE
We’re excited to share some views with you after a 6-day trip to the UAE.
Visitors can simply take the Monorail to get to Palm Jumeirah. You’ll need to park your car next to the train depot if you’re driving.
Visit the neighborhood eateries in Dubai’s aged town near the shops for affordable dishes. Think about your choices in the Dubai Mall if you want a more upscale dining experience.
It can be difficult to get to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque by public transport. Since waiting periods for access can be long then, it is advised to take a trip to see Qasr Al Watan and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.
Checking vehicle schedules and pathways a few days in advance is advised to plan your trip between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. On official websites like https ://www.abudhabitravelplanner.com/travel-abu-dhabis-to-dubai, you can do this.