New Chiang Mai planes on STARLUX departing from San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The start of air travel between Los Angeles and San Francisco to the culturally rich and alluring city of Chiang Mai in Thailand was announced by STARLUX Airlines in collaboration with the Tourism Authority of Thailand ( TAT ). STARLUX Airlines may provide easy and smooth access to the bustling region of Northern Thailand starting on January 16.
Director of TAT Los Angeles Pornpan Intratat expressed their enthusiasm at working with STARLUX Airlines to provide practical flights from the USA to the bustling Chiang Mai. This collaboration highlights the distinctive cultural views that Chiang Mai has to offer and supports Thailand’s goal of establishing itself as a top travel destination.
General Manager of STARLUX North America Mike Wang expressed interest in introducing these new trip routes that connect the US to the alluring location of Chiang Mai. This project demonstrates our unwavering commitment to offering first-rate vacation activities and strengthens the extensive network of airlines that connect the USA to Taipei, Bangkok, and presently Chiang Mai.
The first trip from Taipei to Macau was operated by STARLUX Airlines, a multinational aircraft with its headquarters in Taiwan, on January 23, 2020.
As the vacation market begins to recover from the effects of the COVID-19 crisis, Starlux announced in August 2022 that it would increase its service to North America in April 2023 as well as to Indonesia in the future. The airport revealed its plan to use Taipei Taoyuan Airport to fly from South Asian cities to the United States in September 2022.
Following the delivery of the first two Airbus A350s in October 2022, the flight announced in February 2023 that ordinary flights to Los Angeles would begin service in North America.
Starlux announced a multi-year funding with the Los Angeles Clipper of the NBA in March 2023. Clipper-branded in-flight facilities will be accessible on the Starlux LAX-TPE way as of June 2023.
A strategic relationship between Starlux and Alaska Airlines was revealed in April 2023. Through this agreement, customers can earn rewards through the other firm’s loyalty program and guide connecting flights on a single solution.
Starlux opened a new business in Taichung in December 2023, and plans call for it to start operating out of the airports in the second quarter of 2024.
STARLUX Airlines now has a fleet of 21 plane, and in the upcoming year, it plans to expand its network by adding 5 wide-body aircraft. Currently, the aircraft provides flights to Los Angeles and San Francisco, two locations in North America. The frequency of planes to San Francisco will rise to regular beginning on March 20. Also, it is anticipated that a new way to Seattle will be opened in the second half of the year, eventually forming the hub network by the third quarter. SOURCE: New Chiang Mai Airlines on STARLUX from Los Angeles and San Francisco. eTurboNews