Aerothai: New Aviation Routes Between Thailand, China and Laos to Ease Congestion

Thailand and China are negotiating the creation of new air routes in an effort to ease congestion on the existing flight paths managed by the International Civil Aviation Organization ( ICAO ).
Nopasit Chakpitak, president of Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Co Ltd ( Aerothai ), announced on March 29 that they will request approval from the ICAO once they have reached an agreement on the proposed aviation routes linking Thailand and China via Laos.
If approved, these roads could possibly start as early as 2026, according to Chakpitak, provided they adhere to the strict safety standards set by the ICAO.
With over 1, 000 plane order purchases, Chakpitak emphasized the urgent need for increased aircraft skills in order to accommodate this growth and praised the rapid growth of the airline industry in Asia, particularly in China and India. Aerothai, a condition business under the Ministry of Transport, is so taking proactive steps to handle this demand.
The anticipated parallel roads between Thailand and China are intended to help airlines connecting north Thai regions such as Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai with major Chinese cities including Kunming, Guiyang, Chengdu, Tianfu, Chongqing, and Xian.
Aerothai’s estimates suggest a substantial increase in flights to Thailand, with an expected rise from 800, 000 in 2023 to over 900, 000 in the current time. By 2025, this number is anticipated to exceed 1 million, bringing back previously unheard levels of air traffic to the nation.