After 12 planes with KLM Airlines, a brutally honest critique They


I’ve caught the strange journey now and again, and I’ve had the joy of flying with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines numerous instances on international flights within and beyond Europe. But how do they stir out against another airlines?
As a past native of Minneapolis, my first day with KLM was thanks to the SkyTeam Alliance connection with Delta Air Lines. It was a direct flight from Minneapolis to Amsterdam, which may often include one foot on Delta Air Lines and one foot on KLM.
Delta Air Lines was my move- to since Minneapolis is one of their major hubs. But after that initial flight, I made sure that my profit journey was with KLM too.
Since moving to Amsterdam, Airlines has become a regular option of me to explore the world. How’s my new KLM record, including flights operated through Delta flights, market class, business class, and even small intra- Europe in economy comfort.
KLM Airlines I’ve Taken Over the Past Some Months
And that’s just the past several decades. I’ve quickly learned the world is your oyster when you live close to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport ( AMS ), with KLM being the pearl.
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About KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
KLM ( Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij – literally Royal Aviation Society ) is an Amsterdam- based airline that is one of the largest airline operators in the world. They are also the oldest aircraft globe, still operating under its original title since 1919.
In 2004, KLM merged with Air France, forming the Air- France KLM Group and becoming a controlling figure in the commercial aviation business. As part of a larger full, both companies are even leading the way in terms of sustainability.
The main functioning firm, KLM Group, owns and operates KLM, KLM Cityhopper, Martinair, and Transavia. A well-known low-cost provider in the Netherlands is Transavia. They have offices in Rotterdam, Eindhoven, and Amsterdam.
These KLM businesses operate through a community of about 100 locations and 70 foreign locations. As a result, 621, 000 tons of cargo and at least 30 million people are transported annually. This is significant for a nation the size of the Netherlands.
ViaTravelers / Kyle Kroeger
For long-term fleets, KLM provides options in business school, advanced comfort, and economy class. The most recent technologies for video on demand, matches, and music is included in all long-haul flights.
More than 100 plane make up KLM Royal Dutch Airlines ‘ passenger ship. Variations of the Airbus A330, Boeing 737, 777, and 787 are among the fleet’s primary powerhouses. By 2030, the Airbus A320neo and A350 varieties will take the place of the majority of these.
I’ve only ever flown on the Boeings on any of my Royal airlines. Avgeeks, pay attention:
Boeing 737- 700, 800, and 900: Given that it is the oldest airport in the world, it makes sense that KLM runs the aircraft. With almost 11, 000 variations produced since 1968, these dependable, useful planes are the most popular and successful airplanes in the world. 737s make up more than one-third of KLM’s ship.
The Boeing 777- 200ER/300ER is a bible to Boeing’s expertise in long-distance vacation. I’ve noticed that KLM’s Boeing 777s are the powerhouses of their international investment during my flights, demonstrating a strong balance of productivity and customer satisfaction.
Boeing 787- 9 / 10″ Aircraft”: Since their acquisition, KLM has regarded the family of 7, in particular, as the jewel in its crown. Advanced room amenities that redefine comfort in the sky have frequently been featured on my Dreamliners trips with KLM. Jet lag is reduced on those lengthy hauls from Minneapolis to Amsterdam thanks to the Dreamliner’s style, which improves air quality and light.
Alliance SkyTeam
You will have access to returns from Delta Air Lines, Air France, Aeromexico, Virgin Atlantic, Korean Air, and many others because they are a partner in the SkyTeam Alliance. Over 1, 000 locations and more than 170 nations are represented by this.
Blue Flying
You can earn miles on flights between KLM and Air France through the joint travel benefits system known as Flying Blue. One of the more robust loyalty programs offered by European carriers, it is n’t nearly as profitable as some other airlines.
My planes from Minneapolis to Amsterdam and past have included a sizable portion of the Flying Blue system. The substantial benefits of earning miles—priority sailing, access to airport lounges, and frequently an extra baggage allowance—exude the beauty of accumulating miles.

I get closer to these benefits with each trip solution, making each reservation more of a step toward more comfortable travel. Company improvement, here I come!
During my travels through Europe, I’ve seen Flying Blue’s usefulness firsthand. Partner airlines grow so that I can make and lose miles, which is great for travelers. Here’s a quick list of some advantages:
Miles Accrual: With lover services like accommodations and car rentals, as well as on flights.
Level Benefits: Additional returns as you move up from Ivory to Platinum.
Spending Flexibility: Save yards for upcoming visits or use them to upgrade your seats.
The account management program, which is essential for checking hour balance or booking with points, is user-friendly. For me, a straightforward registration and drop menu work. There are no embellishments; only performance.
Innovations in Flight Tech
KLM integrates its business with market-leading innovations that enhance the customer encounter and flight effectiveness. These advances particularly effect every aspect of the trip with their use in the 787 Dreamliner line.
Cabin Pressure and Humidity: For weary travellers like myself, KLM’s Aircraft ‘ systems, which reasonable cabin pressure and humidity while maintaining a closer approximation to situations on the ground, are an absolute godsend.
Gas Performance: During my travels, I learned a lot from the pilot crew about the significance of fuel efficiency in contemporary aircraft technology. In order to significantly reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, Boeing’s KLM plane highlight aerodynamic designs and cutting-edge materials.
In-Flight Leisure: In my opinion, the technological advancements are most noticeable in the in-flight entertainment systems. KLM’s in-flight pleasure is top-notch, with quick laptop messages and numerous options, keeping me connected and entertained whether I’m on the 777 or 787.
WiFi: There is typically no WiFi on board for KLM Cityhopper planes. However, long-distance planes have WiFi-enabled aircraft that must be paid for. Based on WiFi acceleration and period, it is typically tied. For instance, on my trip from Amsterdam to Minneapolis, I paid 30 dollars for WiFi. Although it is cheap, someone must read reviews of airlines.
Process of Booking and Check-In
Setting the tone for your travel experience can be determined by how you navigate the ordering and check-in procedures. This journey has been simplified by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, which strikes a balance between comfort and personal services.
Online Booking Platform
When I secure my airlines on KLM’s site or the user-friendly mobile app, the seamlessness hits me. I can quickly narrow my choices by using filters on the KLM website’s user-friendly ordering system to navigate through flight options.
The quality of the final price, with a clear break of taxes and fees, inspires trust in my purchase, and entering my information feels safe. Interestingly, when I need to control my reservation, the service does n’t let me down. I can change my reservations or select seats with just a few clicks.
Airport check-in service and mobile apps
The check-in process for the mobile game is fairly simple, and the knowledge before the airport is likewise streamlined. The airport services maintains a seamless transition from online to offline travel by enhancing the online experience.
For those who prefer to handle issues on the ground, KLM offers a variety of restaurants. I continue to believe that the Dutch provide some of the best customer activities available. The always-friendly workers at Schiphol is skilled at helping you, guiding you through the machines, or dropping of luggage.
Seating and Cabin Groups
I’m always aware of the subtleties of my surroundings when I board a KLM aircraft, including the upholstery’s sensory experience, the space between seats, and the general cabin atmosphere.
Features of the Business School
ViaTravelers / Kyle Kroeger
KLM’s Economy Class offers a good balance of price and relaxation. For the typical traveler, economy chairs are made with adjustable headrests and more than enough room ( and a little more if you get an aisle seat ). My personal experience supports KLM’s consistent satisfaction in this room, so I always use it.
Benefits of a Premium Market
The second option for those pining for more space is the Premium Economy room, a relative newcomer to KLM’s ship. I’ve noticed that passengers have significantly more room and recliner on chairs in this category. Additionally superior amenities like goal boarding and a superior meal service are included as benefits.
Features for the Business Class
ViaTravelers / Kyle Kroeger
I take comfort in the protection and wide range of services offered in Business Class. On long-haul airlines, the enterprise class seat’s full-flat stretch feature is especially calming. The elegant dining and plenty of storage for specific items are clear examples of the attention to detail, giving the atmosphere an upscale experience.
During my non-stop journey from Costa Rica to Amsterdam, I chose business school. If you’d like to see first-hand about that practice, read my comprehensive KLM enterprise class review.
First Class Assistance
Although KLM does n’t provide a first-class cabin on its 777 fleet and instead explores other areas of its top-tier offerings, the mark of luxury is its considerate, first class service. From the check-in table to the house team, KLM’s staff is friendly and may make you feel as though you are their entire world.
Trip Knowledge
KLM offers a combination of relaxation and entertainment designed to improve the flying encounter, and its attention to detail is evident in its shipboard services and amenities.
Options for In- Trip Entertainment
My Royal flights have not lacked interesting entertainment. Every traveler has access to a screen with lots of options. The flight makes sure passengers have a variety of options, including the newest Hollywood blockbusters, addicted series, documentaries, and music.
ViaTravelers / Kyle Kroeger
Additionally, on longer flights, I’ve found the trip map and travel information to be quite engaging. It’s amazing how observing a small symbol skulk across an international map can transform an ordinary screen into an informational portal!
Options of Meal and Beverage
The food and beverages served on flights are more than adequate in my opinion as someone who enjoys a nice dinner. A main meals and a lighter snack at the end of the flight are the standard fare on international flights.
Here is an illustration of the meals served in KLM Business Class. During this trip, I chose the water bass.
In the KLM Business Class ( Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers ), Seabass and Salad
Depending on the length of the flight, a small meal or sandwich may be served otherwise. Options for beverages usually include soft drinks, liquor, and spirits.
The food planners do make an effort to include a style of the Netherlands in their menu selections, and the quality is good for airline fare, on par with some restaurants. Here is an illustration of the in-flight food in market class:
Pasta and Salad in Economy Class ( ViaTravelers/Kyle Kroeger )
Similar to fast-casual or cafeteria foods in the US, it is fairly common airline fare. Who may refuse the comfort of a lovely, warm plate of vegetable soup and pasta?
Additional space and ease improvements
Regarding ease, KLM’s Business Comfort seats deserve to be mentioned. The extra room and reclining in these seats on the flights I’ve chosen to upgrade on—which cost more—have considerably improved the comfort of my travels. Although they appear to be small improvements, they actually make a difference to the experience.
The funding for that extra room is a game-changer, especially on their long-haul routes, even though the price varies depending on the length of the flight. These kinds of specifics serve as examples of how KLM’s support is meticulously tailored to the requirements of its customers across all demographics.
I adored how they take care of the kids the most! My daughter, who does n’t always have the best time on flights, was in great company. The team gave her a goodie bag in addition to talking to her in English and Dutch ( my daughter speaks more competent than I do ).
A good product cast and a card holder were given to my daughter. ( ViaTravelers / Kyle Kroeger )
I wish large American carriers like Delta Air Lines did this kind of thing more frequently because I have n’t encountered it with them. It’s a truly considerate gesture that makes it easier for younger children to handle longer flights. The items my child was given to perform with on the planes were as follows:
ViaTravelers / Kyle Kroeger
She was genuinely affected by the piece. This tiny material disk gave my daughter the impression that she was a member of the KLM team rather than forcing her to put up with sitting quietly for an extended flight.
Aircraft Performance and Reliability
I have a lot of insight into KLM’s reliability and general flight performance thanks to my travels with them. KLM, in my experience, shows a strong dedication to arriving on time.
Their reliability is fairly consistent, i .e., flights taking off and landing within a reasonable time frame of the scheduled time. KLM underwent a thorough research in 2021 that revealed commendable reliability data. This persisted into 2022, when they noted a 75 % appearance reliability price.
This is nothing small of brilliant when you consider all that goes into launching an aircraft. These observations are supported by my walks, as I rarely experience delays.
Although reliability fluctuations are a problem that affects the entire market, they should never be severe. By reducing the effect on its passengers, especially those on connecting flights, KLM you follow the flow when things go wrong, even when faced with physical challenges.
My Take: It’s clear that KLM makes an effort to adhere to their schedule, especially when it comes to managing sailing and offboarding. Their ability to maintain a scheduled trip performance is greatly influenced by the performance seen in these methods. And they all do it while grinning.
Airport Lounges and Special Services
ViaTravelers / Kyle Kroeger
My piano travels have frequently taken me through the doorways of KLM’s airport lounges, especially at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, where a variety of comforts are waiting for the exhausted traveler. The facilities provided in these tranquil havens serve to reenergize and prepare travelers.
The spacious seats in the non-Schengen Crown Lounge, where I frequently relax, is purposefully placed to provide protection and flexibility. The attentive staff at KLM ensures that your needs are met with the customary friendly smiles and professional tone, demonstrating the company’s services attitude.
ViaTravelers / Kyle Kroeger
The Schengen Crown Lounge offers a food and drink choice that is not the pinnacle of luxury but is typically occupied but never overcrowded. It seems to match well with everyone and people.
Given how crowded these areas may become, Schiphol’s Business Class lounges stand out for their comfort, which is a remarkable accomplishment. The feeling of pleasure has persisted whether I’ve sunk into plush couches for a quick break or settled in to reply messages.
Also, the lounges offer sleep cabins, though they are more expensive. These are a welcome perk for those who need to sleep during extended stopovers. Here is a quick rundown of Schiphol’s amenities:
a service
a seat
more than 1,000 votes
Including places that are privacy-centric
Cabins for Nap
For a fee ( for example, €49.50/ 3 hours )
No cost is very high for a good night’s sleep!
Food and beverages
conventional option
pleasant with choices for payment
More Services
Blue Bar &amp, exposure to Blue Restaurant
Additional fees, split from club
Review of the Lounge Pass: Is It Worth It?
Flight ratings and user input
It’s difficult for me to claim that I’m not biased in favor of KLM. I’ve come to expect excellent amenities and services from KLM, as well as a smooth arranging and boarding process. However, I like to believe that I am being truthful when I reviewKLM.
I also like to believe that my travels—from the US to the Netherlands, via Europe’s flying veins, and beyond on KLM and many other carriers—give me a solid basis for evaluating what is good, bad, or unpleasant. I believe I can therefore be honest.
And for the sake of fairness, I’ve listened to KLM’s artistic opera of customer testimonials and ratings. How’s what I’ve guessed after reading a ton of opinions about what seems to be every conceivable aspect of KLM:
Travelers have given KLM a lot of praise, recognizing its accomplishments in the categories of consumer option from 2017 to 2020 only.
Frequent travelers enjoy the comfort of the seats, the room, and the enjoyment options on board.
Customers frequently give comfort and cleaning the thumbs up.
Encounters with excellent customer service are essential, and testimonials frequently mention this.
My opinion: Many net flight experience testimonials attest to the professionalism and responsiveness of KLM staff, which have been highlighted by personal interactions with them.
If you read through countless reviews, you’ll find some that complain about the in-flight experience and a few that express unfavorable experiences with customer service outside of the plane. However, if you dig deeper and read between the lines, you’ll see that the majority of these negative reviews deal with issues that are n’t always under KLM’s control, like flight cancellation or being cut off from alcohol ( read “user error” ).
When asked to leave opinions, persons frequently do so. A cancelled trip is truly awful, and it can happen at the worst possible time.
You want to return home with your home after a lengthy business vacation, or you’re worried about where your kids will rest during this unexpected layover, which makes this extremely annoying. This causes users to respond in extreme ways, just like being cut off from cocktails apparently does.
However, the majority of airlines have testimonials that are related, and many of them have more. I enjoy picturing carriers similar to your cable provider.
When call centers are automated, you’ll always find positive reviews or online customer service. However, KLM truly has their create down pat when compared to what I know about different airlines.
The cost of tickets is one place where I think KLM falls short. Even though they are n’t the least expensive carrier, I can accept this for myself.
KLM has previously attempted to be a low-cost flight. I believe that the level of service you receive from them accurately reflects the total cost of your seat. They are also the oldest aircraft in the world, so they are the experts in their field.
Here is my gist of things:
Typical Rating
4. 4.0
Relaxation of the chair
4. 0
In-flight leisure
3. 5
Consumer Assistance
4. 4.0
Value for Money
3. 5
4. 2.
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