Season 2024 of PBS News Hour: The tourism industry is responding to people who are drawn to solo vacation.

And there is a growing need for women-led tour organizations. I want to go somewhere where I can show at everything, says actress Julia Roberts. Stephanie Sy is up with a closer look at the reasons why women are drawn to single go and how the hospitality is in JULIA ROBERTS. STEPHANIE SY: A middle-aged person who has been freed by marriage jet is traveling the world to discover herself. JULIA ROBERTS: I’m also going to Bali to wrap up the time. STEPHANIE SY: What have I done since 2010’s” Take, Pr REESE WITHERSPOON, Actress”? STEPHANIE SY: the movies and books. Women are increasingly choosing to travel alone. A few years ago, Molly Furey, next 23 years old, traveled alone through New Zealand. MOLLY FUREY, Traveler: I had the opportunity to take a fantastic boat trip through Milford Sound. I went dolphin watching in Kaikoura, and k went snowboarding in Queenstown once in a lifetime. Therefore, there were a lot of things happening that I’m not doing in my day-to-day existence in Ireland. STEPHANIE SY: She did return with some exciting activities under her belt, but Molly Furey: When I did, I had the impression that people were waiting for me to have anything interesting to say. I was aware that I did n’t have any significant epiphanies, significant transformations, or significant self-discoveries to share. The things that mattered or that I actually learned from did not appear in STEPHANIE SY: She afterward wrote a bit for” I Failed at Solo Female Travel,” noting what she learned on her own about how to purchase, get oil, and navigate abroad. BARBARA WINARD, Traveler: When I first started out, I was constantly worried and occasionally panicked. STEPHANIE SY: Barbara Winard followed Molly’s example in her 20s, but at a time before solo vacation was as ubiquitous for women. In 1970, she made her first single trip to Europe. BARBARA WINARD: I was frequently asked where my father was. Was n’t I afraid of going on a solo trip? I would n’t have a husband at the time, so I would make up how my husband allowed me to travel. STEPHANIE SY: Despite being 75 years old and married, she still travels only despite the fact that some other women do the same. BARBARA WINARD: I does go alone, but I’ve made a lot of friends who enjoy it. I now have a number of choices. When I first started traveling, I felt as though I had no option because no one wanted to go where or when I did. STEPHANIE SY: Patricia Patton was one of the citizens Winard met while traveling. Since she was now a trailblazer. #worldtravel pushed the boundary even further. PATRICIA PATTON, Traveler: Travel has been incredibly supportive of me and my desire to fully embody who I am and to drive past those limitations and profitability. STEPHANIE SY: According to her, traveling alone has become more and more socially appropriate for older people, whether they are married, divorced, or not. PATRICIA PATTON: I believe that women feel that they can relax, create the kind of memories they want, travel alone, and that wo n’t disrupt the relationship because that’s an outdated idea anyway. This is because so many of our friends have made other choices beside us on something that perhaps we want to do. STEPHANIE SY: According to University of Florida commerce Professor Heather Gibson, who started studying single women travel in 1998, technology has only made single travel easier. When we first began our solo women’s research in the late 1990s, many of the women did n’t talk to us about things like temporary loneliness or the need to find a way to share their experiences back home, according to HEATHER GIBSON, University of Florida. STEPHANIE SY: Smart mobile devices enable easy access to not only connections but also maps, GPS, booking options, and social internet, of course. As in the case of Nabila Ismail, the single feminine travel influencer has also evolved into a travel agent and visit guide. She has visited 63 places, many of them by herself. She began planning class trips for mostly women of color in 2022 with the Dose of Travel Club. Their most recent significant journey was to Iraq. NABILA ISMAIL, Dose of Travel Club: My idea is to travel to places that we have either heard about negatively in the media or as children, and just countries that people kind of do n’t even have on their radar. STEPHANIE SY: The 29-year-old content creator also uses social media to communicate with her over 100,000 followers of NABILA ISMAIL. It’s helped me make my buddies while traveling and has made music travel that much more pleasant. Based on what I’m seeing online, it also kind of energy my br There’s always something fresh being added to my bottle list. STEPHANIE SY: There is a growing market for single female guests, including Ismail and her followers, businesses like Air India, Trafalgar, and luxury hotel chains that offer single packages in addition to honeymoons or, more accurately, “oney moons.” Additionally, some traveling agencies reported that women make up 85 % of their solo travelers following the pandemic. PATRICIA PATTON: I’m not sure if you’ve ever walked past a picture, seen your reflection, and hardly recognized yourself, but frequently, journey will give you that experience as well. STEPHANIE SY: Years of music travel have shaped Patricia Patton’s identity. PATRICIA PATTON: When I first started traveling, I realized that not everyone lived the same way and that I could personally decide how I STEPHANIE SY. However, it’s obvious that women should be for the” PBS News Hour,” Stephanie Sy, whether for adventure, well-being, or” Eat,## Pray, Love” visions.