After” serious go injury on a flight,” Black Coffee is receiving medical attention.

Black Coffee is now receiving medical attention after he was hurt during a” serious flight accident” while attending an Argentine performance. He was scheduled to attend an event in Mar del Plata when the crash happened, and his team claims that he was left with many “injuries” as a result. According to a statement posted earlier today ( January 10 ) on his social media pages,” Black Coffee was involved in an unfortunate travel accident on an airplane en route to his scheduled show in Mar del Plata.” It continues,” The affair caused unforeseen issues and left him with some wounds.” The GRAMMY-winning DJ and maker was scheduled to perform Day Zero in Tulum, Mexico, on Friday, January 12, and a present in Istanbul with Pete Tong on January 13 of this week.” We can verify that he is receiving the best medical attention and is surrounded by an friendly household and team.” The group of Black Coffee has confirmed that he is currently receiving the “best health care” and is “optimistic” about his recovery, requesting that supporters and press regard his protection. We politely ask the press and his fans to be understanding and patient in respect of his private, the statement reads. ” Black Coffee is upbeat and recovering well despite the challenges presented. Read the full declaration below. He looks forward to seeing you again immediately. Following Gemma Ross, Mixmag’s associate director, on Twitter.