Confusion Abounds Kenyan Travel: Is Visa-Free Then Available?

The Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA ) system was recently implemented in Kenya on January 5th, which has caused confusion in both the Kenyan travel industry and the international travel sector regarding its implications for entry into the nation.
This action follows the East African country’s headline-making decision to do away with visitor visa requirements before introducing the new date system.
Richard Trillo, the East Africa Manager at Expert Africa, voiced his worries about the date system’s misunderstanding. He emphasized that everyone who travels, regardless of age, must now submit their date, which is an improvement over the previous card requirement for those 16 and older. Trillo also observed the official website visa platform’s frequent operation, which failed to point users in the right direction or explain the most recent regulations.
Larry Madowa, a CNN blogger, raised concerns about Kenya’s newly discovered “visa-free” status, emphasizing the inconsistency in the process.
Although the nation offers visa-free access, visitors must submit an application for Electronic Travel Authorization, pay a$ 30 processing fee, and wait up to three days for approval, which prompted Madowa to ask:” So, an approval?”
A valid passport with a six-month validity date after appearance is required for all applicants, along with contact information, an itinerary for arrival and departure, confirmation of accommodations, and payment methods ( credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, etc. ). ).
Travelers and business experts have been perplexed by this change, raising concerns about the practical ramifications and communication gaps in Kenya’s new immigration policy changes. SOURCE: Confusion Abounds Kenya Travel: Is Visa-Free Then Available?