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It’s simple to understand why Iceland is one of the most well-liked vacation destinations in Europe if you spend even a few minutes looking through travel guides or searching online for pictures of Iceland. Last Updated 1 seconds ago
In recent years, this north Nordic country has captured the attention of tourists all over the world, but no more so than in the United States.
According to recent Icelandic Tourist Board data, American tourists made up nearly 30 % of Iceland’s inbound tourism in 2023, the highest percentage of any nation and a substantial increase over the past year.
What exactly is it about” the Land of Fire and Ice” that is currently drawing large numbers of British tourists?
One Of The Safest Countries In The World
Iceland is known for being a pretty safe country, which is more than just its ice, mountains, and stunning landscapes.
According to the U.S. State Department and the Global Peace Index, it constantly ranks among the safest in the world.
Since crime rates are so small in this area, Mother Nature—not people—is the major security factor you need to be aware of.
Perfect For Solo Travelers
Iceland is a haven for single travellers in many ways.
The country where English is very frequently spoken and people are generally friendly and welcoming is combined with the excellent safety record mentioned above.
If you’re the type of guitar traveler who enjoys making friends, there are also many hostels available. However, if you prefer quiet, many of the actions and attractions here are fantastic.
Special Landscapes And Beauty
The unique landscapes and geologic phenomena that make up this remarkable island are perhaps the main draws to travel to Iceland.
Iceland, which is made up of impressive mountain ranges, geological fields, enormous glaciers, and many hot geysers and springs—leaves a lasting impression on almost everyone who visits it.
It is frequently experience as though you are traveling to another planet rather than just another nation.
The state is also relatively small, making it simple to travel and discover various locations. However, guided tours are typically recommended, particularly during the colder months when driving can be extremely difficult due to heavy snowfall.
A Fantastic Opportunity To See The Northern Lighting
Thanks to the processes of our sun and the thermal system, 2024 may have some of the best sky in the previous 20 times.
Due to its extreme northern spot and longer winter nights, Iceland is likely one of the best places to see this sight.
If you move quickly, you might still be able to see some of that first spring activity in Iceland, where the Northern Lights are typically ideal seen from September to March.
Interesting People And Culture
Icelanders are generally kind-hearted and pleasant, despite the fact that they can occasionally come off as a little restricted at first.
The home unit holds a special place in Norwegian culture, and many regional holidays, including Men’s Day and Women’S Day, honor its various facets.
Another endearing aspect of Icelandic society is its cuisine, which includes smoked sheep, fresh seafood, and a specialty yoghurt known as skyr.
Inexpensive flights are available.
It goes without saying that traveling to Iceland is very expensive, but if you shop around, you can get a great deal.
We recently revealed that the capital of Reykjavik, which costs as little as$ 140 one-way, is one of the cheapest European destinations you can fly to this spring from the United States.
Additionally, Iceland recently expanded and renovated Akureyri International, a new aircraft in the northwest of the nation.
Although you cannot fly these directly from the United States, you can do so from some European cities like London, and it also enables you to fly internally from Reykjavik, which is occasionally less expensive and quicker than taking a road trip across the nation.
Traveling Mountains Continued
Over the past several months, Iceland’s volcanic action has significantly increased, with an explosion near the southwest area of Grindavik causing evacuations.
On February 8 of this year, the Icelandic Met Office declared this task to be finished.
You can be confident that unless it’s an extraordinary explosion like Eyjafjallajökull in 2010, which grounded 100,000 flights, you should be good to explore Iceland because it is so accustomed to geological exercise and has a very powerful monitoring and warning system.
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