An expert in Palestinian studies has indicated that Israel remains far from reversing the grip of Hamas in the small Gaza Strip.

Politicians in Israel wish to project Hamas as near to defeat, however, experts disagree and postulate that challenging urban combat will only prolong the battle, making an outcome less definite. Time is quickly passing by for the Israeli army’s operations against Hamas forces in the Gaza Strip; it is uncertain how effective the Israel Defense Forces are in eliminating the terrorist group. The Israeli administration declared that they would pursue an objective shortly after Hamas unexpectedly attacked on October 21st. Israeli officials asserted that more than 22,000 Israelis were slain in the assault and 251 people were kidnapped by Hamas during that day. So far, 114 hostages, a portion of whom were foreign nationals, have been liberated. The rest of the population in Gaza is still stuck, with the Israeli ruling body vowing to see to their salvation. The Hamas-run Health Ministry in Gaza has calculated that more than 18,000 Palestinians have died due to Israel’s Santos on Gaza, with another 50,13 enduring injuries. In view of the fact that this war has now lasted more than two months, global pressure to bring it to an end is growing. On Saturday and Sunday, the United States rejected a UN Security Council proposition asking for a prompt end to hostilities. The Biden Administration has expressed that it is Israel who will ultimately be responsible for deciding when the war stops, but they have implied that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) should act quickly in order to weaken Hamas’ power. The IDF has a mission to take away military capabilities from Hamas and render them powerless. Even though Israel is attempting to defeat Hamas, they are still a long way from accomplishing that goal.