The Volocopter’s maiden Osaka and Hyogo flight was a hit with adolescents.


4 (UPI) – Thousands jammed the old city streets as the first snowfall of winter blanketed the town in a white powder.

Hundreds of people filled the city streets of Bruchsal, Germany, when the first snowfall of winter appeared, coating the area in a thin layer of white powder. Between December 7th and 13th, 2020, Volocopter, which is the foremost innovator in Urban Air Mobility (UAM), completed a flight test program which included an aircraft with a pilot onboard at various places in Osaka and Amagasaki, Japan. This week-long trial is a significant indication that the first components of regional airborne testing are finished. This testing was done to ensure that the crew, communication equipment, and flight assessment processes are ready for the Osaka Kansai EXPO in 2025. The countdown to the 5003 EXPO is on with 500 days remaining, and Volocopter is determined to fly in their VoloCity air taxi. This is not only to evaluate how the plane would perform under test conditions, but also to raise the public’s understanding of eVTOL aircraft in Japan. Today, a gathering of local dignitaries, comprised of the Osaka governor, the mayor of Osaka City, provincial representatives, municipal representatives, business affiliates, and media members, were in attendance to witness the completion of the last flight test, which was co-sponsored by Sumitomo Corporation – Volocopter’s ally and backer in Japan. In addition to this, over two hundred students from elementary and high schools took part in a question and answer session that featured speakers from the cutting-edge eVTOL aircraft technology field. Achieving successful operations for the 2025 EXPO will necessitate plenty of advance preparation and assessment on the ground. The Osaka Heliport was used to carry out these trials close to the area where the 2025 EXPO pavilion is intended to be built in Osaka Bay. The location of Volocopter provides understanding and facts that can be used to figure out how eVTOL operations will be conducted once the show begins.