Bark ( Air ) or bite: Cat fight over dog flights

The partners who provide us with these cards are compensated by us when you are approved through our site, and this may have an impact on how or where these items appear. We do n’t cover all available credit cards, but our analysis, reviews, and opinions are entirely from our editorial team. The provides listed on this site have conditions that apply. For more details, please refer to our marketing plan and product review approach. On May 23, Bark Air began a planned charter aircraft service exclusively for dogs and their owners, but the canine-centric airline is already in the canine community. Flights between New York’s Westchester County Airport ( HPN) and Los Angeles and London are operated by the business and jet charter company Talon Air. But, Westchester County is then suing both Bark Inc. and Talon because the planes leave from the carrier’s private plane area. The state contends that the flights violate state law, which requires both licensed and commercial airlines to use HPN’s six-gate business terminal when flying with more than nine seats. In federal judge, a number of other air charter companies have filed counterclaims to that region law, claiming that national laws preempt those that are imposed by the county. However, the situation has not yet received any judgment. The situation could get ruff, but for now, a Bark spokesperson said:” Bark does n’t comment on litigation. However, we do n’t think this will have an impact on our business.” Last week, Bark Air’s first flight to London took off, and the company recently announced its full winter schedule. It includes planes from Westchester to Los Angeles, London and Paris. Featured picture by JOE GALL/BARK AIREditorial statement: Thoughts expressed here are the writer’s only, not those of any lender, credit card supplier, flight or hotel ring, and have not been reviewed, approved or often endorsed by any of these entities.