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NewsMay 23, 2024•4 mini readThe partners who sponsor this post may have an impact on how or where these goods appear in the future. We do n’t cover all available credit cards, but our analysis, reviews, and opinions are entirely from our editorial team. The provides listed on this site have conditions that apply. For more details, see our marketing plan and solution review process. Summer 2024 is quickly approaching, and with record masses expected at flights over the next few weeks, there’s no question it will be a hectic travel time. In truth, more than 3.5 million people are expected to travel in the U. S. over Memorial Day weekend only. Busy travel times result in total parking lots at several airports across the nation. We’ve seen driving lots often fill up at several airports across the country over the past few years, and we’re anticipating the same thing to occur at some destinations once more this week. There are already some instructions posted on a dozen aircraft social media accounts. Plan to lock in that appointment now or soon in order to guarantee a spot for your vehicle at your desired aircraft. As an added bonus, advance reservation can sometimes be less expensive than the drive-up rate. Parking lots packed at Raleigh-Durham International Airport ( RDU) in July 2022. A park reservation website for many airports allows you to enter the day and time you’ll arrive as well as your departure date. This will assure you have a place, and it might even save you time sifting through options before departing. Relevant: Best credit cards for booking flightsBooking in advance can save you money as wellAnother thing to keep in mind is that you can frequently receive deals if you reserve parking in advance. In some places, these benefits can go as large as 50 %, though that amount varies from airports to airport. For instance, if you book online rather than wing it, you could save$ 34.50 or more on a fictitious two-day weekend trip to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport ( DFW) in June. The last thing you want to do while flying is pull in lines for 20 minutes looking for an aircraft parking place or be unable to enter the parking lot at all. Airports give driving options in advance, so it’s a good idea to reserve a spot if you’re going to be driving to the aircraft. It might save you some significant money in the process. Relevant reading: Featured picture by JOHN J. KIM/CHICAGO TRIBUNE NEWS SERVICE/GETTY IMAGESEditorial statement: Opinions expressed here are the writer’s only, not those of any lender, credit card supplier, flight or hotel chain, and have not been reviewed, approved or often endorsed by any of these entities.