The 6 Best Dorms in Hanoi

Posted: Hanoi is Vietnam’s lively capital city. One of its key travel hubs is also there, where the majority of visitors both begin and end their journey. Vietnam is one of the most affordable in the area, brimming with wonderful foods and stunning natural beauty, despite my initial dislike of it. It has a well-worn traveling road running north to south and is simple to navigate. However, because Hanoi is a major hub for Southeast Asia, there are so many dormitories there. I mean, there are tons of them here. And not all of them are identical in some ways. Below is my list of the best hostels in Hanoi to help you choose a place out of all the enormous options. If you do n’t want to read the longer list, the following are the best in each category: Best Hostel for Budget Travelers: Hanoi Buffalo HostelBest Hostel for Solo Female Travelers: The Drift HostelBest Hostel for Digital Nomads: Old Quarter View HostelBest Hostel for Partying: Mad MonkeyBest Overall Hostel: Old Quarter View HostelWant the specifics? Here’s my collapse of the best dorms in Hanoi and why I love them: Price Legend:$ = Under 200, 000 Dollars per day
$$ = 200, 000- 300, 000 Dollars per day
$$$ = Over 300, 000 Dollars per night
1. The One HostelThis is a vibrant, lively dormitory. Events take place every day, including life music and DJ night, so there’s always something entertaining going on where you can readily meet other travelers. There’s a lake and bar on the roof, as well as a cafe. I like that you can charge food and beverages to your room with a ring at check-in ( as opposed to income ). You can still have fun while you can sleep and party because things shut along at evening. To help with the hangover, there’s a tasty free breakfast each morning too ( with veg options ). The bedroom apartments are large, and all cabins have specific fans ( a major plus, as Hanoi gets heated ), as well as curtains, USB chargers, and comfy pillows. I particularly like how the best cabins have angled ladders that almost seem like stairs, making it simple to get there. There are only sexual dormitories, and there are female. And while the rains have a low water pressure, the team members who are there really encouraged you. The One Hostel at a glance:$$
Pool, table, and cafe
Free meal
Life song every day
Rooms from 251, 000 VND. Book below! 2. Old Quarter ViewLocated in the center of the Old Quarter, one of the best components of village, this guesthouse has a beautiful, elegant design. While it does seem more like a resort than a guesthouse, it’s still quite sociable. The floor-to-ceiling panels in the rooms, which are clear and large, and some even have small balconies, provide lots of natural light. Dorm mattresses have heavy mattresses, protection drapes, lockers, and reading lights. The hostel also has AC ( a big plus ), and the top cabins have stairs rather than stairs. The dormitory encourages guests to hang out during the daily happy hour with free beer, on the free running travels, and during a weekly grilling group ( it’s never free, but it’s very cheap and you’ll know a lot! ). There’s also a great meal that’s really inexpensive ( only 50, 000 VND). Nevertheless, this is a more expensive option for those looking for a place to stay close to the main attractions. Old Quarter View at a glance:$$$
Regular free happy hours
Dorm areas are neat and well-appointed.
Quite comfortable beds
Rooms from 384, 000 VND. Book around! 3. This lively dormitory is located in Hanoi Central Backpackers Hostel. Every evening, there’s a group — but it only goes until around 11pm, so you can also get a good night’s sleep. There’s a little drama room below, but the thing I love most is that there are lots of free perks, including breakfast, beer during glad hour, walking tours, and a weekly pub crawl. Not only that, but it’s also one of the cheaper hostels on this list. You are getting a lot of value from this! The dorm rooms are n’t huge, and they look a bit dated, but the beds have curtains, individual lights and plugs, and lockers. In comparison to most party hostels, the mattresses are also quite comfortable. However, the outdoor terrace area is what I find to be the highlight. After a long day of exploring, it’s a nice place to unwind with a beverage. Hanoi Central at a glance:$
Super affordable
Lots of free perks ( breakfast, beer, walking tours )
You can still sleep soundly after the party ends early.
Beds from 152, 000 VND, private rooms from 800, 000 VND. Book here! 4. The hostel in the Old Quarter, Hanoi Buffalo Hostel, has a super affordable outdoor lounge area with a pool, which is ideal for unwinding after a long day of sightseeing. Additionally, the staff offers guided tours to Sapa and Ha Long Bay, two of the city’s main attractions. The high point, though, is that you get lots of free perks here, including free breakfast, free beer during happy hour, free pub crawls, and free walking tours. The rooms are n’t anything to write home about ( the bathrooms are a bit cramped and the dorms bunks are basic ), but the beds have curtains, lights, outlets, and lockers. However, the staff here more than makes up for the shortcomings. They really go above and beyond to ensure that you have a good stay because they are forthcoming and will resolve any issues right away. Hostel Buffalo at a glance:$
Pool on- site
organized excursions and tours
Free breakfast, free beer, and free tours
Beds from 120, 000 VND, private rooms from 880, 000 VND. Book here! 5. One of the biggest and best hostel chains out there is Mad Monkey. Their properties are always social, and this one is no exception. A bar that serves free drinks every night during happy hour makes it a lively party spot. Events are always happening, from drag parties to DJ nights to pub crawls. Although the hostel is located in the Old Quarter, you can get some of the best food in the city from a restaurant that serves delicious food. The dorm rooms are n’t huge, and the mattresses are a bit thin, but that’s standard for party hostels. I do appreciate that the beds have curtains though, and there are also lights, outlets, and lockers for each bed. Since it gets so hot here, having AC in the hostel is a must. The bathrooms are always clean, and the showers have decent pressure. If you want to party, stay here. Mad Monkey at a glance:$$
Nightly parties and events
Female- only dorms
Free beer available at happy hour
Beds from 201, 000 VND, private rooms from 1, 363, 000 VND. Book here! 6. The Drift Backpackers HostelThis is a chill, laid- back hostel. The entire place is painted in soft, calming pastels, and there’s a lovely terrace that overlooks the Old Quarter and the cathedral. There’s a free breakfast buffet ( with an expansive selection, including fresh fruit, bread, veggies, noodles, coffee, and tea ), it’s pet friendly, and the hostel features free Wi- Fi and AC. The dorm rooms are spacious, bright, and clean. I like that the mattresses are thick, and beds also have individual lights, outlets, lockers, and curtains. There are also female- only dorm rooms, as well as double beds for couples. The bathrooms are n’t particularly fancy, but they are clean and big enough. Plus, every dorm room has an en suite bathroom. Overall, it’s a great hostel for travelers looking for a quiet stay. The Drift at a glance:$$
Laid- back and quiet
Expansive free buffet breakfast
Female- only dorms
Beds from 231, 000 VND. Book here! ***A hub of backpackers, expats, and foodies, Hanoi is a must- visit stop on any trip around Southeast Asia. There’s a ton to see and do here, not to mention it’s super affordable. Just be sure to stay in one of the hostels above and you’ll have a fun, affordable, and nice place to stay! Photo credits: 2– The One Hostel, 3 – Old Quarter View, 4 – Hanoi Central Backpackers, 5 – Hanoi Buffalo Hostel, 6 – Mad Monkey, 7– The Drift.